Spunky's Room

What do you want?  I was reading!

This is Spunky, a Gummi Bear cub that I adopted not too long ago. She is seven years old, and her birthday is on April 17. Spunky is a member of the Glen clan of Gummis.

As you can tell from her picture, Spunky has a little bit of an attitude. She likes having her independance, and tries to do things on her own before coming to me for help. One thing she really wants is to learn how to read; fortunately I have a large supply of picture books for her to look at and to keep her busy while I'm away at class. Her favorite colors are light purple, pink, blue, green and yellow, and right now I am in the process of finding a suitable wallpaper for her room (she can be very picky about thinks like this).

June 27, 2005: It's been over a year since my last update, and what a year. We celebrated Spunky's eighth birthday back in April. In May my best friend got married and I was the maid of honor, and Spunky and Cindel were very excited about that. Spunky just loved the dress I wore for the ceremony; I think I'm going to have to put it away in the cedar closet downstairs before she tries to play dress-up with it!
Work at the library keeps me pretty busy, but on the upside that place has got enough picture books to keep Spunky happy for a good long while. She keeps bugging me about getting a library card, and I keep telling her "we'll see." Too bad it's a humans only library...I wonder if there's a Gummi library somewhere?

March 22, 2004: Been a while since I've updated what Spunky and I have been up to. I looked at the date today and realized that it's been over a whole year since I adopted Spunky. That's as good an excuse for a party if I ever heard one! Happily I've graduated, which means the girls and I are back home instead of at school. It also means I have to work, which means I can't spend as much time with Spunky and Cindel as I would like. Spunky got some nice new toys for Christmas that she can't wait to show off...as soon as I clean them up a bit. She would also like to remind everybody that her seventh birthday is less than a month away, and she wants to have a big party to celebrate.

November 27, 2003: Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Spunky and I have been getting along great. I think both she and I are anxious for the semester to be over, since that means Mom won't be harried about school work anymore. Spunk's also anxious for Christmas to get here; it'll be the first Christmas she's spent with me and her sister, and she likes all the decorations and music and such. Right now what she really wants is a Christmas tree for her room. I told her we'll see.

Keep checking this page, because I'll be updating what Spunky and I are up to!

I adopted Spunky from the Gummi Bears Adoption Agency, run by Ulisa Barbic and Jade Griffin. There are still plenty of cubs looking for good homes!

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