The Children's Wing

*sweeping up something* Kids, I tell ya. You tell them to do one thing and they go right ahead and do the opposite... *looks up and notices you* Oh! Sorry about that; I didn't hear you come in. I'm just cleaning up after the kidlets here.

This is the entrance to the children's wing of this place, where my adopted children live. Currently it is home to just my two daughters, Spunky and Cindel. Although someday I'm sure they'll be getting another brother or sister, right now two girls are all this mother can handle!

You can explore if you want. Right now the only rooms that are unlocked are the girls' bedrooms; I don't have the others quite ready for public viewing yet.

Spunky's Room: This is where Spunky, my eight year-old Gummi Bear cub, lives. Please be sure to knock as you enter; she's a little touchy about unnanounced entrances, especially when she's looking at her picture book.
Cindel's Room: And this is where my adopted cougar Thunderian cub, Cindel, spends her time. Be careful entering; she's a bit skittish around strangers.

June 27, 2005: Here it is, almsot two years after my last update. As I've graduated from college the girls and I are currently living in my parents' home while I work at my part-time job at the library.
Things are working out well for all three of us. Last summer we spent a week on vacation in South Dakota, visiting Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse and all the other places one goes to in South Dakota. Cindel was very much into the history behind everything, while Spunky fell in love with scenic places like the Badlands.
This year we celebrated Spunky's eighth birthday, and the girls also got to see their mom be maid of honor in their "aunt's" wedding. They loved it, so naturally "Wedding" was the game both of them played for several days afterwards.

November 27, 2003: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! The girls and I are getting ready to spend the holiday with my family. All three of us are looking forward to the end of the school semester when I graduate, since that means Mom won't be preoccupied with school work anymore and will have more time to play. I'm not quite sure on how to break the news about trying to find a job yet. Christmas is coming and the girls are getting geared up for that. Spunky's hoping that we'll get a decent snowfall so we'll have a white Christmas, and Cindel has a ton of questions about how the holiday itself works. I'm planning on taking them Christmas shopping sometime at the candy store uptown; they both love that place.

Curious as to where I found these two? Interested in adopting your own Thunderian or Gummi child? Then visit The Adamante Orphanage and The Gummi Bears Adoption Agency. There are plenty of orphans looking for good homes!

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