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  • Beaks & Beyond Aviary
    Hobby Breeder
    Katie Prussman
    Hinesville, GA 31313
    Peach Face Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks, Eastern Rosella’s and Zebra Finches.
    We are a small home based Aviary in eastern central GA. We take pride in having socialized and sweet babies. DNA sexing is available upon request.($20 extra)
  • Cloudland Aviary
    Hobby Breeder
    Kinsey, Robert
    3581 Cloudland Dr. NW Atlanta, GA 30327
    (404)-261-5299 (770)-509-7077 (FAX) 770-509-1488
    Macaws, Parrots Eclectus, cockatoos, conures, indian ringnecked mutations,
    Welcome to Cloudland Aviaries where we pride ourselves on breeding the most well adjusted birds in our state of the art aviaries. We have been breeding and handfeeding baby birds with loving care for more than 15 years. Would like to provide exotic birds nationwide. Have several friends who also breed birds and these birds are available to me., such as Hyacinths
  • Feathered Friends
    Hobby Breeder
    Steve and Keelean Burkhalter
    14 Rockdale Drive , Silver Creek, GA 30173 (706)235-6651
    African Greys, Cockatoos, Conures, Ringnecks, Senegals, mini-Macaws, Amazons, Cockatiels and Lovebirds
    We have great selection of hand-fed babies and breeder birds for sale. All of our birds are happy, healthy and in need of a good home. We are also always looking to buy proven pairs of birds. If you have any questions about what we may have in stock or just need some advice, please feel free to get in touch with us.
    Commercial Aviary
    FAX (912)995-3778
    Amazons, cockatoos, conures, congos, timnehs, macaws, pionus, rock pebblars, red rumps, peacocks, pigmy goats, and others
    We have various species of all the above. Feel free to call ar email
  • OutBack Parrots
    Commercial Aviary
    Ken Mullins
    495 Babrac Road , Newnan, GA 30263
    (770) 502-9148 FAX (770) 251-5738
    Blue and Golds, Greenwings, African Greys, Umbrella Cockatoos, Goffin Cockatoos, Scarlet Macaws, Yellow Collared Macaws
    Will ship...Excellent prices and excellent pets...Located 25 miles south of Atlanta, GA off of interstate 85 south.
  • Springville Aviary
    Hobby Breeder
    Judy and Lynwood Thacker
    Stockbridge, GA 30281 (770)474-9266
    We have been breeding and exhibiting tiels for several years now and have most mutations. Breeders and pets avialable most of the time.
  • Squawking Pines Parrot Ranch
    Hobby Breeder
    Ed Wrobel
    GA 31605 (912) 247-7310
    Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws.
    Only hand-fed babies.




  • Arlene’s Pampered Pacific Parrotlets
    Hobby Breeder
    Arlene King
    Pacific Parrotlets
    I’m a very small breeder of pacific parrotlets. Each of my babies are very dear to me and are handfed from the age of about 10 days. To me, handfeeding means more than sticking a syringe in their beaks every four hours, my babies are taken to work with me and socialized to become the very best pets possible. If a baby looks life it doesn’t have “loving pet” potential it’s not sold as a pet.Please e-mail me for more information or to be placed on my waiting list.
  • Just The Bird Necessities
    Commercial Aviary
    Glenn Meyers
    1025C Lunt Ave, Schaumburg, IL 60193
    Timneh Grays, Amazons, Cockatiels, Goffins, Pionus, Conures, Illiger’s Macaws
    We are bird breeders and bird products distributors. We sell to resellers and larger breeders with resale numbers. We usually have a quantity of babies on hand for the retail trade.
  • Paula’s Pets
    Hobby Breeder
    Terry Lauterberg
    Heyworth, IL 61745
    African Grey Congos, Sun Conures, Quakers, Peach Fronts, Half Moons, White Cap Pinous, Senegals, Meyers, Red Bellies, Parrolets, Lovebirds, and Cockatiels.
    Hand Fed Babies, For information please call Paula at 309-247-3420, Illinois. No Shipping, Cash Only.


  • Aunt Minnie’s Aviary
    Commercial Aviary
    Dick and Linda Allender
    5230N 700E
    Manilla, IN 46150
    Quakers---blues and normals, Ringnecks—normal, mutation blues, greys, lutino, cinnamon, and splits. Sun Conures, Senegals, Noble Macaws, Parrotlets, AMAZONS..White Front, Orange Wing, Red Lored, Blue Front, Lilac Crown
    Hand fed babies most of the time and occasionally proven pairs. Amazons hand fed babies only. Our babies are all abundance weaned and well socialized.
  • Parrot Passions
    Commercial Aviary
    Melissa Steinkuhl
    8121 Newburgh Rd, Evansville, IN 47715
    (812)477-6765 FAX: (812)476-6804
    African Grey
    Healthy, Home Raised Babies. Our babies are Vet checked and are Polyoma Vacinated
  • Sandy’s Exotic Birds
    Commercial Aviary
    Jim & Sandy Kron
    6500 Button Town Road, Greenville, IN 47124
    Cockatoos, Macaws, Eclectus
    Our birds are Polyoma vaccined and vet checked prior to sale. All babies a health guaranteed. Greenville Indiana is approximately 15 minutes north of Louisville, KY. Visitation by appointment only.



  • Free Flyte Aviary
    Hobby Breeder
    Judi and Paul Robben
    Goddard, KS 67052
    Mini Macaws... Severe, Yellow Collared, hahns Conures...Suns, Jendays, Blue crowns, Nandays, Peach-fronted, Maroon-bellied, Painteds, Jamaican, Black Capped.Amazons... Red Lored
    Map certified aviary with handfed babies, closed banded and health gaurantee on all birds. Birds are raised in our kitchen with lots of TLC. Certified Avian Specialist always available to answer questions on diet, breeding and bird pyschology. Will ship anywhere in the USA.
    Life is not worth living if it doesn’t include Birds!!!


  • Derby City Aviaries
    Commercial Aviary
    Bruce & Beverly Lowe
    5452 Bruce Avenue, Louisville, KY 40214
    (502)368-3238 (FAX) (502)368-9412
    Cockatoos, Amazons, Conures & Severe Macaws
    We are a small family owned and managed aviary producing quality, handfed babies for lifelong companionship.
  • The Grey Place
    Commercial Aviary
    Jerry & Sue Clark
    4907 Greenwood Road, Louisville, KY 40258
    (FAX) (502)935-3828
    Congo African Grey Parrots & Greenwing Macaws.
    Breeding parrots in Louisville, KY since 1987. All breeder birds are Polyoma vaccinated and PBFD screened.
  • Third Rock Aviary
    Commercial Aviary
    Root, Kim
    1620 Clintonville Rd., Winchester, KY 40391 (606)744-7473 (606)227-3362
    Congos, Timnehs, Amazons, Senegals, Pionus, Meyers, Suns, Jendays, Maroon Belly, Greencheek, Bluecrown, Dusky conures, and all types of cockatiels.
    Handfed domestic babies and some breeder pairs available. All babies raised in our home with kids, dogs, cats, and other household activies. Also carry a full line of pet supplies including cages and bird food at near-wholesale prices!


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