Nevada: If you asked me 25 years ago if I would like to live here, I would have said NO.
I spent 23 years living in a small rural town in Massachussetts.  The Town of Lee was home when I was growing up.  The picturesque Berkshire Hill which I have missed for some time will always be a part of me.  I had enjoy many hikes in the deep undergrowth of the Berkshire Hills with my father in search of mushrooms and berries.  We spent hours treking through the woods, to pick blue berries and raspberries.  I had no clue as to where we were going or how we were going to find our way back.  I always relied on my dad to find our way back.  Only once did we get lost.  After walking lost for hours, my father finally resorted to climbing a tree to get his bearings in the dense woods. It worked, we found our way out.  Things you do for a pie.  Nothing tasted better than the berries you picked for a home made blue berry / raspberry pie.  Now, being a little older and wiser, I will go across the street to pick up a frozen bag of berries when I have a yearning for something sweet. 
Clip on arrows to vist Lee
if you dare!!!
My wifes home town,
12 miles from Lee
I could spend pages reminicing about my life in Lee... maybe soon I will devote some time to that, but for now let's talk about Hiking in Henderson.
What does Southern Nevada has to offer to hikers?  This small region of the country offers countless hikes up  hidden valleys that stretch across oasises that stand at foothills of magestic mountain peaks. With the Mojave Desert that run north and south of Las Vegas and numerous mountain ranges that encompass Las Vegas it a ideal spot for some great hiking adventures.  The skies are usually clear (well if you get away from Las Vegas) with little precipitation that falls during the year.  The temperature can be extreme depending on time of year and the location of your hiking destination.  Desert hiking is very comfortable during the late fall/winter/early spring.  Hiking in the mountains regions at the tree line and above is most likely enjoyable during the summer months.  You can cool your feet in the cold colorado river or have a nice soak in a hot spring.  You can stand among the yucca and joshua trees in the desert or lean against an ancient bristle cone pine tree in the mountains.  Southern Nevada has alot to offer, you just got to get out and see it for yourself.
McCullough Mountain Range
Spring Mountain Range
Where can I find some shade?
Please pass the hot chocolate
Henderson / Las Vegas area:  From the hot unrelentless heat of the desert in August to the frigid cold of the Spring Mountain range in April (yes that's right April at Mt. Charleston has plenty of snow).  We have all of the best reasons to live in Nevada.  You just can't get tired of it.  If you are from the North East and miss shoveling snow, you can live at Mount Charleston (about 30 miles from Las Vegas).  There in the winter time you can shovel till you heart gives out.  For people who enjoy snow, but rather not shovel your way out, live in Las Vegas / Henderson and drive up to see the snow. 
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