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Lieutenant Theo Kojak (Telly Savalas)

A man with style - Theo Kojak  

Kojak was a streetwise cop who knew how to work the streets as well as the criminals he was chasing and had a severe dislike to the red tape bureacrats who were less than happy with his alternative methods of cracking cases. Stubborn and tenacious Kojak had passionate beliefs in equality and fairness. His hard exterior had a soft centre as Kojak had a deep affection for the citizens of the City that adopted him.

Kojak was the epitomty of style with his sharp suits, Trilby and trademark lollipop - which he sucked to stop his craving for cigarettes.

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Sergeant Bobby Crocker (Kevin Dobson)

Detective Bobby Crocker was as close to a regular partner as Kojak had. Crocker was a young, up and coming Detective seen as the perfect foil for the experienced Kojak. Crocker was the receiver of numerous wise-cracks! By the end of "Kojak" Crocker had worked his way up to Assistant District Attorney

Kevin Dobson has starred in television series, movies and theater for two decades. Most recently he portrayed Marc in the Tony Award winning play ART, at Chicago’s Royal George Theater. After Kojak he starred in “Shannon” and then for a 10-year run on “Knots Landing” as Mack, followed by his starring role on "FX” The Series” as Leo.

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  Kojak and Crocker


Captain Frank McNeil (Dan Frazer)

NYPD - Kojak  

When Kojak began at NYPD he worked closely with Frank McNeil and the two eventually became partners. It was a case of opposites attract as McNeil played the game and worked his way up the system whereas Kojak's dislike for his superiors meant he was never considered for promotion. McNeil is now Chief of Detectives at Manhattan's 13th Precinct, with Kojak working for him - the tension between the two former-partners provides a central theme for the series

Most familiar to television audiences for his role as McNeil, Dan Frazer has also played police officers in dozens of other television shows and movies, although the full range of his work is far more vast, in a career that began in the late '30s. Recently Frazer has guest starred in Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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Detective Stavros (George Savalas)

Stavros is a donut-munching, hamburger-loving detective. When Kojak screams "STAVROS!", Stavros goes running! Despite his lazy exterior Stavros is a resourceful Detective who while Kojak is on the streets, he is behind his desk following leads and checking information.

George Savalas lived in the shadow of his larger than life brother Telly, who encouraged him to move into acting. The brothers not only appeared together in "Kojak" but also in films "Ganghis Khan", "The Slender Thread", "Kelly's Heroes" and "Città violenta". George sadly died of leukemia in 1985.

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  Telly and George Savalas on the front cover of 'TV Guide'

"Kojak" was the training ground for many stars of the future.

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