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ICUG Visitors ~ As We have the opportunity to play Host to Our many ICUG Members, Associates, Extended Family Circle and Friends ~ Visiting, whether from Overseas Countries or from across the USA, Canada and Central and South America, We roll out the Red Carpet and extend the VIP status to include Computer Systems Training, Organization Support and Event Coordination, Sightseeing at Historical Landmarks, Museums and Tourist Attractions, Amusement Parks, R&R Guest Accommodations at our House, Home Cooked American Cuisine, and a bevy of Special Treats.

~ Follow Us a we present a photo collection of some of those special moments and memories ~

On The Move ~ From Washington, DC USA, Manila, The Philippines, San Francisco, Hopland, Los Angeles, and Oakland's Bay Area, California, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Shanghai, China, Yunnan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore

The latest doings and happenings from Our Jet-Setting Globetrotters

ICUG Members and Associates On The Move - Most Recent Travelers Page

ICUG 2000/1999~Visitors to Washington, DC Shores ~ ICUG Visitors # 1 Page

ICUG Welcomes Visitors to Washington, DC Shores ~ ICUG Visitors # 2 Page

ICUG Hosts More Visitors to Washington, DC Shores ~ ICUG Visitors # 3 Page

ICUG Circle of Visitors to Washington, DC Shores ~ ICUG Visitors # 4 Page

~ ICUG Events ~ In Attendance, Participation and/or Sponsorship ~

ICUG Attends SOLFEST 2000 Hopland, California

ICUG in San Francisco's Chinatown ~ A Visit to Master Y.C. Wong's Kung Fu Studio

ICUG Attends Philly 2000 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ICUG helps Sponsor The 3rd Annual Prayer Vigil On the Mall ~ Teepees under the Washington Monument ~ In conjunction with Native Youth Alliance's Healing Global Wounds Pow Wow

The Walk for Justice ~ from San Francisco, California, Walkers Trek across the USA arriving at the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall here in Washington, DC,

ICUG helps Sponsor The 2nd Annual Prayer Vigil On the Mall ~ A Sacred Circle of Teepees under the Washington Monument

ICUG attends The 1st Candle Light and Prayer Vigil On the Mall ~ Elders & Prophecy

ICUG's 7 Cities Tour of China via Japan ~ from the Great Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors to Sumo Wrestlers and Zen Temples

ICUG in Hong Kong and a visit to Historical Sung Dynasty Village and Palaces of Korea

Take a Peek at the 1st ICUG Video Clip of the SanFrancisco & Real Goods Solfest2000 trip -

Here's the Windows Player format ".Avi" Movie Clip

Here's the Real Player format ".Rm" Movie Clip

Believe it or not, You can Play either of the above Clips using either Windows or RealPlayer!

Remember this is just a 1st effort and an ongoing Work In Progress, so be gentle in Your Critique

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