Sailor Dreams

Welcome to Sailor Dreams. You are probably wondering what this part of my site is about. Let me explain. I want you, yes YOU, to e-mail your Sailor Dreams to me. Sailor Dreams are dreams that you have had that have something to do with Sailor Moon. Now, you are NOT going to tell me that after sitting in front of the television watching Sailor Moon everytime it comes on, browsing through millions of Sailor Moon sites everytime you get on the internet, and buying Sailor Moon this and Sailor Moon that everytime you go to a store, that you didn't have at least one Sailor Dream! Maybe you dreamed that you were one of the Sailor Scouts or maybe your friend was. Dreams are dreams. They can be logical, cool, or crazy. I'll give you full credit for your dreams! You can give your real name or you can choose to remain anonymous or you can go by a secret name like *Sailor Universe* or something like that! If it was a dream and it had something to do with Sailor Moon, e-mail it to me! ^_~

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*

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My Dreams (A detail from a drawing of mine)


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