Jellicle Have Visited The Domicile!

21 years after leaping into the West End, London; CATS will be performed for the final time on May 11, 2002. But the memory will live on in the other wondeful performances taking place around the world.
Welcome to Idiosylph's Domicile for Jellicle CATS! My name is Idiosylph, the Internet Cat, and I'll be your host here in the little section of this part of the Internet Junkyard. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I promise to update as often as possible.

The Domicile is home to fanfiction, lyrics, galleries, fanart, and so much more. I hope that this will soon be a very good source for all your Jellicle needs, be they costuming, fanfiction, relief from bordom, if you want to explain CATS to a friend, or if you are just seeing it for the first time yourself! I've enlisted the help of other Jellicles from the tribe to help me out, so you'll be sure to see a few familiar faces as you go from page to page. If one of them has been neglecting their duties and a link is broken, be sure to e-mail me, and I'll set it right!

The other cat you may see around but are unfamiliar with is Erikonil. She's my littermate (IRL twin sister), and does a lot to help me around the site as far as artwork goes. You could see her anywhere around here, trying to slip in a picture of the Phantom of the Opera, or chasing around poor Skimbleshanks. And you thought Etcetera was bad around Tugger... *sigh*

2/25/02 - New pictures up in the Stage Door gallery! Remember, you can take them to look at privately, but no posting please.

Two new shrines are up on the Shrine Page - go apprechiate some underloved Jellicles!

Two new galleries - Paris and Sweeden

The site is still getting cleaned up. The galleries will be updated soon, but I should tell all of you, that some of the time my galleries won't be open. I've been getting so much traffic that I'm exeeding the Geocities data transfer limit at times (which is good in that it means you guys like my site!), but it effectively shuts down parts of my site at times.

If you've enjoyed your visit to the Domicile, please feel free to link us to your homepage! The URL is:
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Okay, here's the disclaimer! Although however much I might wish otherwise, I do not own CATS. They are the property of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, RUG, and the estate of T. S. Eliot. What I do own, is the fanart, fan costume photos and fanfiction that is posted here, so please ask my permission before downloading it for use on another website (downloads for personal use is fine). This page was created in December 2000 in the hope of spreading the magic of CATS over the internet. Please, no one sue me. I'm a college student, therefore, I am poor. 1