Home of magical, historical, and fantastical interior design—all the exotic and escapist styles that mainstream interior designers slight. I'll be filling it with descriptions of the styles and how-to pages, including such general advice as how to get good stuff cheap and how to convert an ironing cupboard into a spice rack/display cabinet/fold-down altar. Since the site is unfinished, there's also a sampler gallery of the images currently up on the site.

Metathoughts about interior design

Defile Not Thy Lips with These Words - Words too vague, pretentious, or overused to remain in any civilized design vocabulary.


How To
Putting style and philosophy into practice

Cheap Ways to Get Expensive Stuff - Million-dollar look, hundred-dollar budget.

Rooms of No
The horrors designers hath wrought

Because I'm a man! I'm a man, man, man!, or, How to decorate without making the guys think you're a sissy.

The foofy blue bathroom of no, or, I never used that sink much anyway.


Gallery of room images





The styles are ranked in rough order from oldest to newest, with modern fantasy styles at the bottom.

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Celtic Revival
There's so much more than knotwork and Guinness.

Birka was a great Viking center of trade, a place filled with money and all the exotica it could buy. Here's how to live like a nouveau riche Viking, concubin/es and all.


John Dee
Renaissance astrology and sorcery had a style all their own.

Gothic Revival
Victorianism at its most seductively melancholic. Pity the chairs are so uncomfortable.

Opium Den

Oxford Don
Musty books, dark wood, darker wine, and Javanese exotica—the study of an Edwardian antiquarian was a mix of all the best parts of turn-of-the-century English style and foreign treasures. This is an excellent style for hiding ritual gear in plain sight.

Gauze, sparkling lights, pure pale colors, iridescence. The most delicate and romantic of styles.
The Ceiling of Floating Mist (unfinished)

Black feastsWhite feasts

Alastair Crowley R0XX0rz
Bats, skulls, coffins, skeletons riding motorcycles, vampires skulking about in cloaks lined with cheap red satin—all the over-the-top heavy-metal style that Crowley inspired and is currently spinning in his grave for.

Not your mama's country style! ...Actually, maybe it was your mama's country style. The fin-de-siecle-inspired homes and workshops of the artisan builders of the 1960's and 1970's.

Eco-conscious doesn't have to mean too much beige.

Build a grove in your own home.

The color of nobility, of mystery, of magic, of both your sarongs and most of your favorite T-shirts. If you truly love purple, here's how to put together an all-purple room with style.

Starry Night
Midnight and royal blue sparkling with silver.