You know the world has reached an unprecedented and previously-thought impossible-to-reach level of stupidity when and an artist can go to an awards show, demand an award, and get it not because he worked for it, but because he has deep pockets and a stupid name. I mean one kind of a name is "P. Diddy"? Not even the stupidest hillbilly with ADD living on the highest peak in Alabama with no name because his parents didn't know what the hell a name is would call his penis "P. Diddy." He claims to be a great producer/rapper/dancer/blah. Bullshit. Great rapper my ass. He just has a lot of money and he can buy his way around things.

At a recent VH1 awards show, P. Diddy (let's call him Pussy Boy for now) went backstage because he was supposed to present an award. When he got back there, he asked, "What award am I getting?" and someone replied, "You're not getting one. You're just supposed to present." Upon hearing this, Pussy Boy went into ultra selfish bitch mode and threw a fit like a kid without his sugar cereal. He exclaimed, "I'm not going out there unless I get an award!" Eventually, VH1 and their pussy executives backed down. Pussy Boy then said, "I WANT the Big Maverick Award," and he got it.* They just gave it to him. My God, men are starting to cut off thier balls. VH1 should have put the foot down and told Pussy Boy to fuck off, BUT NO. They probably got bribed. The executives need the extra 5 million dollars to add to their collection of other worthless 50 million dollar pieces of shit that they just buy to make them look like big shots. They buy all that shit in the hopes that people will overlook the fact that they're ugly balding middle-aged men with a bratty 15-year old daughter who always wants expensive crap and has a marriage that's going to shit because they have erectile dysfunction. Stupid selfish idiots. I hope they die.

Ever wonder why people hate America? It's selfish morons like Pussy Boy and their greedy executives. We should pay the people who hate America to crash planes into them instead of things that actually have worth. Either that, or we can tie them to a pole and have their fat female fans rape them at will. Either way, it's funny.

*Source for Story: Associated Press

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