GM Paint FAQ Ver. 7.3 (last revised 12/31/99)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this FAQ is compiled from postings on the newsgroup and from the research, correspondence, and discussions of its author with people in the automotive industry who have asked not to be identified.  The author has done his best to provide accurate information and pointers to other sources of accurate information.  Because General Motors will not provide all the facts relevant to the peeling paint problem, no guarantees are made about the accuracy of any of the information contained in this FAQ.  This FAQ also does not pertain to all GM automobiles, only ones that have paint and finish problems.

The peeling paint problem of GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles was featured on "Dateline NBC" on Nov. 2, 1997.  NBC also has a web page providing additional information (including a link to this page) on the problem.  We are thrilled that this problem is finally getting the attention it deserves and hope that the Big 3 will finally take the kind of action it should have taken years ago -- repainting every car affected by the problems outlined below.

Click here for some of the e-mail we have received in response to the "Dateline NBC" report.  If you decide to comment on the page or the peeling paint issue via e-mail, PLEASE indicate in your message whether you give permission for me to add your letter and e-mail address to the letters page.


Excerpt from "Lemon-Aid" by Phil Edmonton

Does your car look like this? Pictures of Peeling GM Paint!!

The Consumer Protection Board's report,
"Acid Rain and its Effects on Vehicle Paint Finish"

Correspondence between GM and the Center for Auto Safety

The purpose of this FAQ is two-fold: