S/some say things look different in the moonlight.  This one finds joy in that difference, in the illusions found in moon within her. As with the moon, she is ever changing but with One constant.  The One that guides her path, her orbit... Hunter_in_Illusion.   He saw what she could become and nurtured it, bringing out in her a light not even she knew burned.  Thank You, Sir... and for all You bring to her, she gives to You this site and hopes You shall be pleased.
Illusions in Moonlight
submissive reflections
In the moonlight, dreams become reality and reality dreams, W/who shall know the difference?
Where the light falls (fav sites):
Dominance & submission *Master's Pages*
His lil' moon:
In a glance, He saw into her soul... in a touch, He blazed a pathway to the dark places she was afraid to see, showing her beauty and wonder... in a kiss, He swallowed her fear and her pride... as a gift, He brought to her love and contentment... in return, He asked of her only one thing... and that she does... with love and with honor... she calls Him..... Master.
Phases of the Moon:
Moonglow *submissive reflections*
Lunar Illusions *Master's Voice*
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Tales of Eternal Flames
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