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This page is under construction. I add a little more every day, so check back often and soon what you're looking for'll be here! ^_^
Sorry it's so.... uhm..... NOT DONE yet.

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Hi, I'm Emiko (duh), welcome to my Web Page.
This page is dedicated mainly to my own original characters, my art and writing, my fanfic and fan creaticity, and the stuff I like.
If that didn't scare you off be for warned that I am a novice at this (not a rookie, a novice) and I may have no idea what I'm doing here.
If you're STILL not scared off then welcome to my web page. Have a look around and enjoy yourself. (don't forget to e-mail me. I LOVE feedback, especilly on my own characters and things) ^_^ and sign the guestbook on your way out. :)
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