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Way Bandy was one of the fashion world’s best known and highest-paid makeup artists. Way arrived in New York in 1966 and became a makeup instructor and skin care specialist. In 1969 he became the salon director of the makeup department at Charles of the Ritz. He left in 1971 to become a freelance makeup artist and consultant to cosmetics manufacturers. Bandy was known as a celebrity makeup artist who clients read like a Studio 54's VIP list. He often worked with photographer Francesco Scavullo creating  New York's 70's glamour for Vogue,Cosmopolitan and many other high fashion projects. His best selling books "Designing Your Face" and "Styling Your Face" are a great source of information to this day. Bandy shows men and women how to create their own cosmetics mix in fool proof fashion. He mixes and applies makeup much like a painter paints, offering a simple solution and creating a variety of looks. In 1986 Way Bandy died of AIDS at the age of 45. Makeup artists today still refer to Bandy as a great source of inspiration.
- bio by Nicky London -

The Fantasy Face Concept By Way Bandy
Fashion has to do with dreams. It should not be analyzed too much. Those who create and interpret trends and styles into fashion do so for pleasure, for fantasy, because they cannot help it.  The deeper thrusts of psychological motivations may be uncovered, discovered by those who have ignored their talents, who have not yet revealed their creative impulses and who therefore must attempt to examine the source of creativity and the joy of being – those who bring darkness to shadow the light.When a cosmetic design begins to surface as popular fashion, one can know that somewhere a dream was dreamed and consciously realized by cosmetic paints styled on a face in the mood and manner of the subconscious fantasy.

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main pic Way Bandy & Teri Toye