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List of SHAME

Hello, Darlings, and welcome to my web... site, that is!

A little bit about me:

I am 40 something, and have only been CDing since June 2001. As a man, I am pretty much straight, though I can be very intimate with a TS or with some TVs. As a woman, well, I have pretty much the same preferences, but of course I refer to myself as Lesbian! That might disappoint all the horny men lusting after me but that's the way it is. Sorry, guys. Ladies, I am sort of generally available at the moment. If you are in or are coming to New Orleans, and you crave some interesting company and maybe some terriffic sex, contact me.

What I like to wear:

I prefer skirts and dresses rather pants, so I can show off my exquisite calves in seamed stockings and heels. I also like that extra bit of ventilation! I love the constrictive feel of a tightly laced corset and a pair of support top panties about 2 sizes too small for me. I like open necked tops to show off my cleavage, and something with sleeves to disguise my overly mannish arms and shoulders. My favorite color is green, to go with my reddish brown hair. I like lace top black stockings with the seam down the back, size regular, and they make a nice gift on first meeting, and show how considerate the giver is! Other than a string of pearls and a small, femmy watch too small to tell time from, I don't wear much jewelry.

Doing my face:

Lots of girls ask me what kind of makeup I use. Well, I prefer CoverGirl foundation in Soft Honey and Classic Tan shades and wear both at once, the lighter shade on the upper part of my face. Blush is currently Maybellie PureBlush in Pure Peach color but sometimes I use the regular Maybelline in Sierra Sand, and both are just barely dark enough to register over the foundation. I try to avoid the raggedy-ann look with obvious blush. I prefer to be more subtle. My eyeliner is Cover Girl Cobalt Blue pencil though I am thinking of trying brush-on sometime soon. Mascara is Revlon and eyebrow pencil is Cover Girl Brow and Eye Maker in Honey Brown. Lipliner and lip coloring are pencil type, Revlon TimeLiner for Lips in Mocha and Plumwine colors, respectively. I don't use lipstick... it is so messy, and gets so hideous after a few sloppy smooches! The lip pencil give a much nicer and longer lasting color. Nail polish is usually Oil of Olay Nail Lacquer in shade 220, Light Lilac, which is actually a subdued pink. I topcoat with Sally Hansen Super Shine, 2 or 3 coats. Nails are usually just whatever, full nails rather than just tips. I file them to a classic rounded point shape rather than a more modern rounded or squared shape. Perfume? I haven't really decided on a fragrance yet and I am still experimenting, so a bottle of whatever you like to smell on your girl would make a wonderful gift.

Body Hair

I had been using Sally Hansen hair remover lotion and it works beautifully on legs, butt, and lower back for me, but it eats my chest raw and doesn't touch the hair there. I started plucking a bit at a time, and eventually I had it under control and could maintain it fairly well. I also plucked my genital area. Once you have it under control and you are just pulling fine, young hairs, it isn't particularly painful. I may have some laser hair removal done on my face some day when I am certain that my male persona will never want to wear a beard again.


In shoes I wear a ladies 11, US size. Dresses are at least 16 but usually closer to 20 due (how unladylike!) to a rather wide back and shoulders. Skirts are 12 or 14, just above or just below the knee. My favorite panties are Cupid brand Extra Firm Control in size Medium from WalMart. Stockings are Vassarette size Medium, Black, #8210 Lace Top Backseam stockings, from the same source, and I go through a lot of them.

Thank you for visiting my site, and have fun, dah-links!

Download the Illusions newsletter, about 741 kb in Word format

List of SHAME

Sites or businesses that have earned my enmity through their uncaring, unfeeling, disrespectful, scornful, spiteful, hateful, bigoted, prejudiced, mocking, or otherwise no-good attitudes or actions against the T-community OR myself, according to me and my observations.

Southern Decadence is coming up before you know it! Southern Decadence 2001 was GREAT! Too bad if you missed it, but click this link for the highlights.

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