It's Mardi Gras again!

This is an ancient French Quarter tradition. As Carnival begins to build up to the orgiastic release of Mardi Gras, normally reserved people, particularly tourists fueled by drinks with names like Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, and the like, partake in a strange but fun ritual. People, usually men, with more beads around their neck than they can use, fill their lungs with the early spring air and bellow out that familiar cry: "SHOW US YOUR TITS!" from street or balcony, and obliging young maidens, desperate for the beads, comply, thus earning more of the coveted jewelry. Sometimes other body parts are requested, but the tit shot is most common. The better the tits, the better the beads that must be offered. Sometimes the bead-toting gentleman will ask to "cop a feel" of the part requested. Sometimes a man earns his beads, usually from women, but what the hell-- this is New Orleans. This is not without a certain amount of risk. In theory, a lady could be arrested for baring her bosoms. The classic thong shot is not illegal of course, since the thong covers the offending (to some, not to me!) orifices. A full moon without panties at all is sometimes requested, or even a frontal pants-drop or skirt-raise, and gentlemen have been known to do the moon thing or stretch out their johnson. This is all, except for the thong shot, illegal. In practice, the cops have too much to do to arrest the girl behind each set of jugs they see, but exposed genitalia in view of a cop will generally cause trouble. One should never flash a cop directly, either, since you could put him in a position where he cannot overlook the fleeting glance at a pair of bazooms.

Another ancient Mardi Gras tradition, of course, is dressing en femme. Masking of every variety is practiced, and an elaborate costume is admired and enjoyed, but there is nothing quite like a slutty outfit to excite the crowd and the wearer!

Enough chit chat. Here's some pics from Carnival 2002! Click on a thumbnail and a new window will open up with the full size jpeg.

"I'm PROUD of these boobies!"

Cute lil titties

The "other" part of "T&A"

You're never too old!

More titties

more tits


still more jubblies

Earning those beads the HARD way!

"Show us your TITS!"

Look what she's doing with those beads!

Balcony girl

Look! She's doing it AGAIN!

Another balcony girl

Balcony people


fat girl and BudGirl


BudGirl Bares 'em

Nasty Ass



body paint

"Yeah, that pervert with the camera..."

strange troupe


breast exam

My outfit

On the balcony where my legions of fans can see me

In the restaurant, being regal but my eye makeup washes out in the flash.

All pics taken from balcony were taken from the Deja Vu Restaurant, corner of Dauphine and Conti, open 24 hours. Thanks to the staff for ensuring that me and my harem had a wonderful time. They attended to our every need with friendly courtesy and hospitality while other establishments were treating their customers like dog shit. HEY YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!!


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