Hello. Welcome to the best website I've ever made...the only website I've ever made, but that's beside the point. 

Ever heard of Noise Ratchet???  They're my favorite.  
Dogwood was my favorite band for about 3 years...but then there was Noise Ratchet. I saw them play at the Glasshouse on October 6th and decided to buy their cd "Till We Have Faces."  Well, a couple weeks went by and I found out that they were playing at Chain Reaction..not too far from UC Irvine where I live.  So I decided to go to the show...and that's when my addiction started. Just when you think these guys can't get any better, they prove you wrong.  They have so much energy and passion.  They are  awesome... better than awesome.

Have no idea who Noise Ratchet is?? Too bad loser..you're missing out.  Click on the "listen to nr" at the top of this page to listen to their amazing music.  Do it now!

Oh yeah...I love pez too.   I own about 300 pez dispensers. Take a look at my "pez section" to see them.

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1/10 Wow I haven't updated in a super long time...mostly because pezhead.net is a lot cooler than this site.  Go check it out. Now!!!

5/21 Pictures from the
Chain Reaction show are up.

5/18 Just added some pictures from the show at
the Scene.  They are pretty sweet, if I do say so myself...which I do.  I also have developed pics from Chain Reaction.  They are equally as good, just haven't had the time to scan them.  Be patient with me.

Me and Joel from Noise Ratchet Nice picture, eh?
**Pics of Noise Ratchet**
**Pics I've taken at a few other shows**
(dogwood, slick shoes, mxpx, the discarded, the juliana theory)
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