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DISCLAIMER: This is a group in which we make fantasies into realities with a warrior (past or present) of our choice and write about them. BUT, I state clearly that nothing in this site earns even a cent. The reason we use these heroes is because the true writers created the best characters.

DISCLAIMER TWO: The warrior characters claimed in this group are property of the original authors, television, and/or movies. No copyright infringement is intended. All stories carry the same disclaimer: this is for fun and to only glorify great characters. No profit is made from this endeavor, other than that of enjoyment by both writers and readers (we hope). So please don't sue us, as most of us are rather poor.

Who is your favorite warrior?

  • Is it someone from a romance novel?
  • A movie?
  • A television show?
  • Have you ever wanted to put yourself into the shoes (or lack thereof) of the heroine?
  • Did your favorite warrior die and now you long to bring him back?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this is the place for you!

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The Members

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Lover, companion, friend, slave of his passions, and soulmate to James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, also known as Red Jamie. Originally a character of Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the Outlander series and has all rights to the real character, will be the focus of this author's stories and character's passions.

Tracy's James Fraser - click for larger Tracy's bio: Mid twenties. A masseuse and physical therapist who originally grew up in various foster homes, leading an abused and desolate life with little hope for anything better. She almost married an abusive but devastatingly handsome mafia man, whom she is sure she killed and is now in for the ride of her life with a time traveling Scotsman she met and married....

James Fraser's bio: Christened James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, also known as Red Jamie, is a bold Scottish warrior from the eighteenth century, thrust into the twenty-first century. A man in his mid-forties, he marries the young beautiful Tracy, who is teaching him about these modern days while he teaches her how to love and discover her passions....

The Rock and the Tartan
Braving the Journey
Affliction - co-written with CC
Becoming One - Union
A Breakfast To Remember
Light Me A Candle - co-written with CC
One Peaceful Night

Has claimed Fergus Fraser, another original character of Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the Outlander series and has all rights to the real character, will be the focus of this author's stories and character's passions.

Gael's Fergus Gael's bio: A young intern at R.P. Hospital, a psychiatric hospital, Gael Bailey is studying to become a psychiatrist. Coming from a simple background, she yearns to have more. But when a fling with Gordon Levinsky, the head of the hospital and a married man, goes sour, she begins taking notice of odd happenings around the hospital.

Fergus' bio: Born in the 18th Century, Fergus Fraser, formerly known as Claudel, was born in a brothel to one of the women who 'worked' there. By the time he was 8, Jamie Fraser and his wife took him in. In an attempt to protect Jamie, whom he viewed as a father, Fergus distracted a British soldier looking for Jacobites and ended up losing his left hand for it. Now 32 years old, Fergus somehow jumped into the future while looking for Jamie and was brought to R.P. Hospital as one of the patients about to become a guinea pig for Doctor Gordon Levinky's highly experimental new procedure.

Asylum: The Gateway to Hell

Has the bold Vin Tanner, a character from The Magnificent 7.

Vin Tanner CC McKenna: A Cal-Tech trained physicist who had devoted her life to science. She is in her mid-twenties, having recieved her PhD at 18. She did post-doctorate work at Oxford; then conducted research in Russia prior to her tenure at Quatechins where she had been for almost 5 years when she conducted the experiment which brought Vin Tanner to the 21st century. She helped him escape and they have been on the run from her employers.

She is tall, has light brown hair and blue-grey eyes, normally wears glasses and is very conservative in dress. She is better with equations than people. Her hair is currently dyed blonde and she is wearing contacts and more revealing clothes to elude her persuers. She is shy and unsure of herself in romantic situations, but is very drawn to Vin.

Vin Tanner: An ex-bounty hunter turned lawman. He is a quiet, unassuming man of few words, who is a loner and is most at home in the wilderness. He is a sharpshooter and excellent tracker. A 19th century man trapped in the 21st century, but he has handled the transistion remarkably well.

He is slim, has intense blue eyes and brown hair, and a slight curvature to his spine. His normal attire includes a slouch hat, colorful shirt and bandana, a buffalo coat and his ever-present sawed-off rifle. He currently wears modern clothes, so as to fit in better. He is reserved around women and has vowed to wait until marriage, but is very attracted to CC.

A Physicist's Tale
A New Beginning
Affliction - co-written with Tracy
On the Road Again
Light Me A Candle - co-written with Tracy

Has claimed Duncan MacLeod from Highlander.

Duncan MacLeod

Duncan and Taryn's Story

Has claimed Ewan McGregor.

Ewan McGregor Princess Jennifer's bio: The only daughter and heir to the throne of Allshesees. Her mother died of consumption when she was very little. Her father has promised her hand in marriage to Stephan, the prince of the neighboring kingdom. She is in love with the Warrior Ewan, and is torn between the right thing to do for her kingdom (marrying Stephan) or to do the right thing for her (marrying Ewan).

Ewan's bio: The greatest warrior in the land of Allshesees. He has the respect of the kingdom, and can have anything and anyone that he desires, except the one true thing he wants, Princess Jennifer.

Stephan's bio: The Prince of the neighboring Kingdom. His father has struck a deal with the King of Allshesees: To have his son marry Princess Jennifer, Stephan will be King of this great land, not to mention the great wealth that will come along with it. Stephan is a very underhanded and greedy man.

Has claimed ???.

Has claimed Angel, the vampire.

Angel Tara's bio: Tara is a young girl who is disillusiuoned with the human race. She has been hurt too many times and now she is beginning to realize it. When she was growing up, she was not considered "a babe" and so she was ignored and did not date throughout her school experience. In fact, she was teased and tormented by her "friends". Because of that, she developed many other interests to compensate for her feelings of worthlessness. As an adult, men were not her priority. Tara concentrated on pursuing her dream career in medicine, eventually becoming a doctor specializing in trauma medicine. Love and relationships were the last thing on her mind when one day, a man arrived in her emergency room with a gunshot wound. She cleaned it out and ended up finding the love of her life, Angel. Her life now is a rich tapestry of experiences that she was missing out before.

Angel's bio: Angel is a vampire with a soul. He never thought that he would find a mortal who understands what he is and that he is not out to kill humans but help them. When he was shot, he went to the nearest ER to have it cleaned and there he saw Tara. The connection was instant between the two of them. She accepted him for what he was inside, not the outside. The fact that he was a vampire was a shock to her but she saw beyond that. She saw the person he was below that facade and loved him for that. People have always been scared of Angel and once they heard the word vampire, they would let their fear take over. Tara had no preconceptions so she got to know the real Angel. He would lay down his immortal soul for her, although he prayed they would never be parted like that. Angel felt lucky that he had found Tara.

The Doctor and the Vampire
The Doctor and the Vampire cont'd

Has claimed ???.

Has claimed Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Michelle's bio: Just getting into the real estate business, her first showing turns out to be the man of her dreams. This man of course comes with many secrets and Michelle is determined to find out what they are.

Robin's bio: Robin Hood of Locksley as he's know to many people has just entered the future two months ago. He is from 12th Century England and fitting in very well among the people of today. He wants to keep his past a secret for fear of being discovered by the very men that were out to get him.

Arrows Through Time

Has claimed Joseph Lawrence (undeveloped character, no pic yet).

Ahn's bio: an aspiring young writer, who hopes to publish one day, and has signed up so that she has a place where she can write her stories and get "real people" opinions on them. You are warned, they aren't necessarily romance stories, but for the most part they involve love. As soon as she figures out what Joseph looks like, she'll tell you. Her favorite warriors however are Jamie, of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series, and Lestat of Anne Rice's Vampire Series. She highly reccomends any book by either author, and will gladly accept suggestions of good reading material. She hopes that once she post her first story that you will enjoy it.

Joseph Lawrence: a character straight from the depths of Ahn's mind, he hasn't on the other hand made any drastic appearence yet, he will, once she has time to write. A picture will be posted once he makes clear what he looks like. Until then, you'll have to wait in suspense to discover the amazing Joseph Lawrence.

Has claimed Zeke Anderson from Tour of Duty.

Zeke Anderson Cassie Boucher's bio: French-Canadian freelance photographer in her mid-thirties. Born in Québec City, presently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. Well-known for her black and white photographs. Was first published in different magazines during the Gulf War when she was fresh-out of college. Has traveled intensively since then. She prefers to work alone, although from time to time she tags along with military personals. Also well known to frequent flea markets, second-hand and antiques stores across North America.Presently under contract with the U.S. Army - Hawaiian Identification Laboratory.

Zeke's bio: On his third tour in Nam. Served his first Tour Of Vietnam in the 1st Cavalry. His second, was with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. He is 4 months into his third is with the 196th Infantry Brigade. Zeke's full bio


Has claimed Etienne of Navarre (from Ladyhawke (1985).

Etienne of Navarre Sophie Colette Guerrier's bio: A young lady born and raised on a horse farm west of Beziers, France. She has been raised by her father, Etienne, a laborer on the farm and mother Marguerite, one of the main house staff. With her background experience on the farm and her affinity for equines, she has poised herself to become a recognizable force within the world of show horses. At the tender age of twenty she is about to embark on her first positon as assistant and interpretor for a famous American handler.

Etienne's bio: born in France during the 11th-13th century (Medieval times); former Captain of the Guard to the Bishop of Aquila. Deeply in love with Isabeau Dante, but the two had been cursed (he a wolf by night and she a hawk by day) by the jealous Bishop. After killing the Bishop and breaking the curse he stayed with Isabeau. His friends and allies (Phillipe the Mouse, a common thief and Imperius, a monk with a taste for liquor), who helped him through this fight over the past two years, have also remained close. Etienne's history prior to these events is not established so I will consider that to be a task to undertake during my story.

Goliath's Charms
Goliath's Charms cont'd

Maire (Moira)
Has claimed Connor MacLeod from Highlander.

Connor MacLeod Maire Bailey's bio: is a private researcher. Born and raised in Ireland, she left the Emerald Isle to attend New York University. At 25, she is the youngest researcher in probably the country. Her knowledge of many archival systems, both foreign and domestic, make her coveted by genealogists, antique dealers, and the police.

At a slim 5'4", she has light auburn hair, and green eyes. Her dress is trendy, but casual. Her demeanor is very laid back, which hides a very intelligent and motivated soul.

Connor MacLeod's bio: born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel; he gained his immortality after he was severely wounded in battle. This caused his village to banish him. Since then, he has traveled the world, and now finds himself in New York City as antiques dealer Russell Nash. This is how he meets Maire.

Mister Nash's Personal Researcher

Has claimed Cole from Tracker.

Has claimed Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings.

Aragorn Kalyn Bryahn's bio: Born in 2996 of the Third Age. Her father was in the first éored of the Riders of Rohan, who rode to battle beside the King himself. Also known as the King's Riders. Her mother died in giving birth to her, and her father died shortly after in battle. She was raised with Eomer and Eowyn, who after the death of their own mother, were sent to be cared for by their uncle King Théoden to grow up in the royal house at Edoras. She was trained as Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim with Eowyn as was the custom. Kalyn's desire for adventure, however, takes her away from the safety of Rohan and her adopted family in search of something that she feels is missing in her life. She has chosen for herself the path of the Ranger. Extremely dangerous for a woman. Something Tolkien himself would never have considered. Her path will cross with another Ranger, he too is searching. Can this orphaned daughter of the King's Riders heal the heart of the King of Gondor?

Aragorn's bio: Born in 2931 of the Third Age, Aragorn, son of Arathorn and Gilraen, is of the race of kings; the heir of Isildur, Elendil's son. The descendants of Isildur's line survived in the wilds of Middle Earth and were known as Rangers. Aragorn experienced many great adventures, and travelled to many distant lands, before claiming his kingship. Aragorn is known by many names: Strider, the Dunedain, Elessar, and several others besides. He is chief of the Dunedain in the North -- (Encyclopedia of Arda).

* in My Middle Earth Universe. The War of the Ring has not yet happened. Arwen is dead. And Aragorn has returned to the Rangers, overwhelmed by grief and mourning her loss. He knows that the war is coming and he will return (of course *winks* Return of the King). I simply could not have had her still living for he would have loved her to his grave but now the King must have heirs and we will hopefully see him able to marry for love and not just for consort. I will, therefore have to manipulate the timelines and themes as needed...

Has claimed John Sheridan from Babylon 5.

John Sheridan Darlene's bio: In her late 20’s (almost 30), Darlene’s career is stalled. An avid lover of history, she’s recently been introduced to Sci-Fi, and is interested in melding the two in an epic novel. She tries to write in her spare time, as is wildly fanciful. She’s flabbergasted one day when visiting the reservoir looking for inspiration and a strangely dressed man rolls down the hill she’s sitting at the foot of.

John Sheridan's bio: President John J Sheridan is the President of the Interstellar Alliance. He was formerly a Captain in Earthforce and commander of Babylon 5. After his actions against his own government, to free Earth from President Clark's reign of terror, Captain Sheridan resigned from Earthforce in exchange for amnesty for all those who served under him in the fight against President Clark. In 2261, he fell and he died fighting on the ancient plant, Z'ha'dum. Lorien, the first one, extended his life after Sheridan saw that he had something to live for, Delenn. He and Delenn were married. My world from here Tragedy struck John again, as Delenn was lost to him forever in 2265, leaving him widowed and with a young son. While on vacation on Earth, John finds an ancient pool in the middle of a forest in Mid-Atlantic North America. He sits on a rock on the side of the water and is jolted to the United States, 2003, 262 years in the past.

Has claimed Shawn Michaels aka The Heartbreak Kid.

Shawn Michaels Sabrina's bio: As a graduating present Sabrina gets a tickets to WWW match. Her friends have been telling her how gorgeus those wrestlers are, but she hasn´t get into that. Not until now...

Shawn's bio: Shawn is WWE superstar. He has just returned to the ring and ready to take his Intercontinental Championship-belt back. The belt is only thing in his mind, until he takes a look to the audiens and incredible blue eyes...

Has claimed André Marek.

Gerard Butler Kyrian's bio: Kyrian is a French lady who helps Andre survive the loss of his beloved Claire who died during a English attack to Castle LaRoquehas. She has copper hair, straight, below her hips. She also has dark blue eyes and is 5'3 125 lbs. Kyrian is a time traveler who drowned in 2031 and woke up alive in 1382 France.

André bio: André Marek is a Scottish archeologist working on the French archeology site of Castle LaRoque, in Castlegaurd, France. André has dark brown, curly hair, blue eyes, strong, tanned, tender and very vulnerable right now. He is a time traveler who stayed in the past in 1357 France for his beloved Claire.

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