This is me (AngeL) and my boyfriend (Trippy). We have been going out since September 30th 2000. I love Trippy with all of my heart. I made this webpage to let everyone know that and that he's such a cutie. Ladies you can look, but he's OFF LIMITS!
This is a message for Trippy:
         Hey babe! I love you so much! You mean so much to me and you always will!! You're so sweet and sexy! I love everything about you and I'm grateful for everything you do for me, big or little, it all means so much to me! You're all mine and I'm never letting you go, if you do I'm coming with you!

Baby, You Are...

My sunny sky,
My favorite high,
My bed so warm,
My port in a storm,
My sweetest gift,
My emotional lift,
My best friend
untill the end,
My inspiration,
My destination,
My shining light,
My day and night,
My heart healer,
My anger shiller,
My pain reliever,
My spring fever,
My gem so rare,
My answered prayer,
My heart and soul,
My  life made whole,
My merry-go-round,
My "up" when I'm down,
My best chance,
My last dance,
My best shot
and you're so damn hot!
My energizer,
My appetizer,
My morning sun,
My evening fun,
My dancing partner,
My hearts gardener,
My source of laughter,
My ever after,
My heaven sent,
For who who I'm  meant,
My burning fire,
My greatest desire,
My soul mate,
My sweet fate,
My dream lover,
My "before all others",
My confidence,
My common sense,
My reason why
untill I die.

Just  in case you didn't know :)
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