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Here I am
I have some of my older poetry in here,
some pics throughout the years, and some more fun stuff like an exotic dictionary (not that, you pervs)

Okay, real quick: a pic o' me!!

Story Time!

new thing here! <--- 08/01/99
(This first page WILL take a bit to load)


something I just threw up! 05/24/00

Karl's Haircut Experience
Yes, I FINALLY broke down and got it all lopped off in September!
Very different, very liberating- come see! 11/10/98

Even more pics! 07/18/02

Random Junk I've been working on
Basically- anything I find that I'd like to try...

gettin' funky And dozens o' links.
Thanks for stopping by

About my Name

About ILUMNIKARL himself

And some social commentary

HTML Help / Internet resources I'll come up with my own list some time in the near future.

vr wder how to mke tho funky letters?

My Former Production Company R.I.P.

Curious about Cyber-sex??

MY Pamela Aderson Lee Site

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Links to other sites on the Web 03/23/02

House of Dingo
Mr. Misspeller
Believe it, or not
Ya gotta love Dilbert, right?
Boston's own Museum of Science
such a cool HP!
Can't find the name of your favorite famous animal? try:


A Great Show of Animation of every kind!

MFO Hotline(Currently down)
New England Films
Boston Film Bureau
THE Internet Archive Find old versions of almost ANY page!
...just for MY birthday
...Speaking of trains- some people have a one-track mind
How OTHER people see me

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