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Setting: Salem, USA, 5/2/08.

Will Kelly (given Franco's last name after he & Sami married) is walking his little sister, Maria, home from school. They attend St. Monica's grade school. Will is in 7th grade & Maria is in 1st grade. Will & Maria are close, despite the problems Will has had with his mother & Franco.

Will: So Mar (short for Maria), how was school today?
Maria: Miss Thompson was showing us how to write a story.
W: That's great. Anything important happen?
M: Well, Billy Ryans was getting in a fight with Chrissy Stone & gave her a bloody nose after he punched her.
W: That's terrible! Is she ok?
M: I don't know. I'm not friends with Chrissy. I think she went to the hospital.
W: What a shame.
M: Oh look, it's Ashley & Angel up ahead. Let's go say hi.
W: Fine.

They say hi & walk home all together.


Sami & Franco are in the middle of a photo shoot (she is a part-time model, as well as an executive.) The director tells them his ideas for the product (Ocean Wind Perfume) & says he wants them to pretend their on a beach. This makes Sami daydream.....

(on a tropical beach)
Sami: Oh Franco, I'm so happy. I love you so much.
Franco: I love you too, Samantha.
S: It's great having you here with me.
F: Of course it is. I'm your husband....I love vacationing here. It's beautiful. (they start kissing)
S: Where are Will & Maria?
F: I sent them home. Caroline is watching them.
S: Really? You're so great.
F: Let's go back to the hotel.
S: Sure....

The director: Sami!
Sami: Oh, I'm sorry. I must have been daydreaming.
Franco: It's ok.
Director: We're about to start.
S: I just had the greatest dream.
F: Wonderful. Tell me about it after the shoot.
S: Fine.
(Franco starts kissing Sami)
Director: Great! Wonderful! Just like that! Keep going!

They finish the photo shoot & Sami tells Franco about her dream.

F: Great, then we'll go away for a few days. No children, just you & me.
S: I'd love that. When shall we go? Where shall we go?
F: It doesn't matter. We can leave tonight. Perhaps we could go to Mexico. They have some beautiful beaches.
S: Good.

They prepare to leave that night. They call up Eric & Nicole, who unwillingly agree to watch the kids.


At Eric & Nicole's house:

Eric: Nicole, what time is it?
Nicole: It's about 4:30. Why? Is there a photo shoot today?
E: No, I was supposed to meet Rob at the Java Cafe to discuss tomorrow's shoots.
N: No, don't go. I want you to stay here with me.
E: Will & Maria are coming over tonight. They'll help you. So will Dave & Lara.
N: You know, your sister depends on us entirely too much.
E: Well, Sami's had it tough. I'm glad her life is getting back together.
N: Still...I hate watching all of the kids.
E: If we asked her to watch Dave & Lara, she'd say "sure".
N: Whatever. I have a photo shoot tomorrow too. Can you make sure all the kids get to school?
E: What time's the shoot?
N: 8 am.
E: Fine. Do you want me to drive you there?
N: No. I can drive myself.
E: Are you sure? I don't mind.
N: Well, maybe. I'll think about it & tell you tomorrow.
E: Great. I gotta go. First I'll pick up Will & Maria & drop them off here, then I'll go meet Rob.
N: If you must...
E: I love you
N: I love you too.

(credits roll)

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