Chapter 2

Setting: Salem, USA, 5/3/08.

John: Kristen, you'll never get away with this. I'm gonna make sure you're locked up & can't get out!
Kristen: But John, I did it out of love for you.
J: Well, when you put it that way......No! I'm not gonna let you deceive me, and that's a fact!
K: I love you John. Please, be nice to me, my father is dying as we speak!
J: Well why aren't you there with him?
K: I don't know.
J: I don't care about how your father is. He should die for what he's done to everyone.
K: I can't help what he did.
J: I don't care!!! Stay away from me, before I get a restraining order against you.
K: Bye John, I love you.


Abby & Beth are driving home from Salem High.

Abby: How's Brian?
Beth: Brian? Brian who?
A: Brian Stevens.
B: He's ok, I guess. We only went out once.
A: Well, you should go out again. I know you like him.
B: Yeah........, but I'm too shy to ask him out again.
A: You'll be fine. If it makes you feel better, Ron & I will come with you.
B: No, I don't want to make you guys double-date with us. I'd feel awkward.
A: Don't worry about it. I'll even see to it that Ron drives us all.
B: If you insist.


Later that evening. Beth is thinking about her life.

Beth (to herself): Zheesh, my life's gotten so messed up in the past few years. I'm only 15 & already I've been given up for adoption, lived with mom & dad, lived without daddy after he was missing, lived without mom when she went back to the sanitarium, lived with Jack & Jen & Abby & their family. Gosh. I wonder who my real mom is. Maybe she is wondering about how I am now too. I'll ask Abby later about how mom is doing. Jack & Jen tell her everything. They think I'm too young to know what goes on, but I'm only a little younger than Abby. Oh well. I think I'll call Brian up. Maybe we can go out this weekend.


At the pub (a.k.a. the Salem Day Care Center)

Caroline: Elvis! Where are you?
Elvis: Mrs. Brady, I'm in the basement!
C: Oh. (she walks down the stairs) Can you round up all the kids? I have to make some important calls.
E: Ok. Um... Mrs. Brady, will I ever get paid for doing all of this?
C: Elvis, you'll get paid when I get paid & I've never gotten paid yet.
E: Oh. Sorry.
C: It's ok. Just round up all the kids.

(Elvis takes all the children to the basement. They stay there until Caroline says they can come up)


At Stefano's bedside

Stefano: (half asleep) Where am I?
Kristen: You're in the townhouse. Peter & Bart are here with us.
S: Where's my dear Alexandra?
K: She's off sailing with Abe. Don't you care about us being here?
S: You know I love you. Where's my precious little Elvis?
K: Who knows. That crazy Susan won't let any of us near him.
S: Where's Gina?
K: Gina? Oh, you mean Hope. She left town a while ago.
S: NO! She must return. She could find...
K: Find what? Tell me!
S: (falling asleep) Too tired. Maybe later.
K: Sleep well.


At Karin & Vince's house:

Karin: I have a meeting to go to. I'll be back at 10.
Vince: What meeting? I thought we would spend tonight together.
K: No, remember I told you I had to see Vivian or I'd be out of a job.
V: No, I don't. Come on, we never have time to ourselves.
K: When I get back. See you later.
V: I guess it's another night watching tv alone.


Abby & Ron are out on a date.

Abby: I'm so worried about Beth. She feels so left out of everything.
Ron: Why? She's a big girl.
A: Oh, that reminds me: this weekend we're all going out together.
R: All meaning who?
A: You, me, Beth, & Brian.
R: Brian who?
A: Stevens. Remember him? He's a sophomore at Riverside High.
R: Oh, yeah. Why doesn't he go to Salem with us?
A: His parents split. His mom lives closer to Riverside & his Dad closer to Salem. He usually lives with his mom, so he goes there.
R: Oh. So what movie you wanna see?
A: What's out that's good?
R: Let's see Home Alone 12.
A: The first one was good, but after that, it was the same thing every time.
R: You're right. Let's see Great White. It's new. It's all about a girl & a guy who live near the ocean & see a shark. They almost get eaten by it.
A: Whatever. That's good I guess.
R: Great.


At Jack & Jen's house

Jen: (on the phone) Hi mom. How are you doing?
Laura: Fine dear. I want to get out though.
Jen: Is something wrong there?
Laura: No, I just would like to go home & see my family. How's Beth?
Jen: I'm worried about her. Abby's trying to help her, but Beth feels left out of everything.
L: Oh, I wish I was there to help. Any word from Ken?
J: No.
L: I wish you'd grow to like him. He's not a bad guy.
J: Well, then, why isn't he here right now?
L: You know that I don't know what happened to him. For all I know, Stefano could have gotten to him.
J: I still don't like Ken.
L: Do as you please. Is Beth there?
J: Yeah, she's in her room. Hold on, I'll get her for you.
L: Good. (a few minutes pass)
Beth: Mom? Is it really you?
L: Yes honey. How are you?
B: I miss you. Are you going to come home soon?
L: I hope so honey.
B: Please come home soon.
L: I'll try my best. Could you put Jennifer back on dear?
J: Yes mom?
L: Keep an eye on her.
J: Ok, mom. I love you.
L: I love you too Jen. Tell Beth I love her. Bye.
J: Bye.

(Credits roll)

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