Here's the second part of the "updates".

The place: Salem, USA
The date: 4/17/2008
The main characters: Kristen, John, Roman, Marlena, Laura, & Kenneth
The minor characters: Kyle & Beth

Updates since 1998 (part 2):

Kristen "&" John:

These two aren't together currently. After Kristen was taken by the sultan in 1998, no one cared. Five years later, in 2003, the Salem police finally realized that Kristen wasn't dead. They put out an APB (all points bulletin) on her. They found she was in some previously unheard of Caribbean island. They put her in jail, but, with the help of her father, she was released. John felt responsible for all of Kristen's problems & helped her. He forgave her & they got back together. Kristen hoped to have her own "John Jr.", but, she again was helped by Stefano & John divorced her. She is currently begging him to come back to her. He is filing charges that she deceived him. (He's still not the smartest in the bunch. He'll win though, because no one likes Kristen, so if someone's against her, they'll help them.)

Roman/John & Marlena:

Well, in late 1998 Marlena & John reunited. They had another child together. Kyle was born 9/17/99. Belle & Brady are feeling unwanted again. He's 6 & she's 4. They want a new life because Kyle gets all the attention. Sadly, Marlena was presumed dead again in 2001. John & Roman both were deeply saddened by the loss. John let one of the nannies have full custody of Brady, Belle, & Kyle. Of course, John, being the great dad he is, visits them a lot anyway. Once John thought Marlena died, he tried going back to the priesthood. After two years of that, he decided to leave it again. When Kristen reappeared in Salem, he tried to get back together with her (see above). John has once again turned to the priesthood a few weeks ago. Another twist in this story: Marlena was just found in Anelram (a small, South Asian country) by Roman. Marlena is getting back together with Roman as we speak.

Laura & Kenneth:

Kenneth (Ken) arrived in town in 1999. He is a ich stock broker from New York. The big city was too much for him, so he move to the lovely city of Salem. The moment he saw Laura, he loved her. Despite the 15 year age difference (she's older), they got together. Mike, Jack, & Jen all objected to this union, but Laura married Ken in 2004 anyway. Laura & Ken recently adopted a daughter. Beth is 14 1/2 years old (about as old as Abby). Ken loved Beth as if she were of his own flesh. Unfortunately, Ken was kidnapped (probably by Stefano. The Salem Police haven't figured it out yet.) in 2007. Beth & Laura both miss Ken. However, while Beth is grieving her loss with Jack, Jen, & their family (she now lives with them), Laura was once again admitted to the mental institution. They all pray for her recovery.

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