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Tina's Page
Well, these are my web pages that I have been working on for a while...their not much, but oh well, their cute..... I can't believe me and my friends are seniors this year!!! And next year we'll all be moving away, getting married, or going off to college....boy, it's gonna be a tear filled day at graduation..I kind of dread it..I'm gonna miss all of my friends and class mates so much..I guess we'll all have to cherish the times that we have at school together while we still have them.. I know i'm gonna try my best to get along with all of my senior class this year...... Class of 2001... :)
Here's some of my pages:
Shout outs
Senior stuff page
Angel Page
Junior/senior prom 2000 pics
Pooh Page!!!
My poems
Poem to my sweetie
More of my poetry
Best friends page
My Hippy Pages.....:)
Friends pics
More friends pics
My baby pics
Shannon's senior baby pic pages
Pics of the four of us
My cute stuff page
Back to essays
Special person in my life
Links to friend's web pages:
My Best Friend Lisa's web page
Jason's page
Nancy's page
Jessica's  page
Jess's page
Here's how many people that have visited my web page so far........ :) not too may cause i keep changin it and adding stuff..lol