We are The HABA Team. We believe in one thing, playing motocross at our best. We play in the Zone. E-mail HABA_LeAdEr0 Here.


2-4-2002: Site is up. Now I just need to get the members to change names.

2-14-k2: Screen shot's comin soon. I have some downloads up. HABA_Slaytanic (slay), HABA_Kid, and HABA_CODS have left us. :( Miss ya. LEADER. P.S., I'm runnin things coolly. And look at the fourm, HABA_Blinker has made a new message board.

2-15-k2: Ok, just to let you all know, the music is under DOWNLOADS. If you can't download, e-mail HABA_LEADER.

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