CLICK HERE to view a 3D graphic perspective of the volcano Vailulu'u that Mr. Stan Hart of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution graciously provided.

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Solo Ole Va
Did Polynesians, including Samoans, migrated from ancient America?


Welcome to Internet Manu'a

I'm so glad you came. I've created these pages to highlight and promote the part of American Samoa that is rarely addressed - the Manu'a islands.

Hopefully these pages will provide you with a better understanding of Manu'a's uniqueness that have brought other visitors to its beautiful shores. I also hope that this information will entice you to make the Manu'a islands your destination when you visit the South Pacific.

Geographically, as part of American Samoa, the Manu'a Islands sit on the peripheral both politically and economically. But hidden behind this apparent lack of improvement in Manu'a lays opportunities for tourism to take advantage of the still primitive native Samoan life there. The desire by many native Manu'ans to remain in Manu'a could be an incentive for some enterprising individuals to build businesses there.

So where is Manu'a?

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With hundreds of islands around the globe selling the tropical image, what's another island claim measured up to the well-established tourist spots?

Manu'a can't compete with those places, but this site will attempt to introduce Manu'a to the Internet community, about its unique place in the affairs of the Pacific Islands, as well as to invite them to visit its beautiful islands.

The web site for the Vaoto motel on the Ofu Island shows a little bit of what's to be expected. The pictures that were generously contributed by Mr. Terry Skaggs, show the natural surroundings that will welcome you to Manu'a, American Samoa.

It probably won't provide the average tourist with the convenience offer by other well established places, but for those wanting to learn a little bit more about Polynesia - Manu'a is a place to experience.

However, if you can't make it to Manu'a, come visit Ohio, USA.


Sunrise over Olosega island, Manu'a
Photo by Tracy Skaggs
"For those looking for water activities, the pristine shoreline of Manu'a is ideal for walking long stretches uninterrupted. Coral communities are some of the prettiest in the South Pacific. This is an ideal place to snorkel in the protected back-waters of the reef." (quoted from the National Park Service website)

"The three small islands of the Manu'a group lie only 100km east of Tutu'ila, but in many ways, they are also 100 years away. As you arrive at Ofu, prepare for a jolt from both the time warp and the sensory overload you're certain to experience. Offering what is unquestionably the most stunning scenery in either Samoa..."
[An excerpt from 'Samoa' by Dorinda Talbot & Deanna Swaney, Lonely Planet publication]

Sunset over Ofu island, Manu'a
Photo by Tracy Skaggs

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Disclaimer: Because I'm not currently residing in American Samoa, I make no claim that this information is perfect and current. As much as possible, I'll try my best to provide this information for the benefit of the Internet community about the islands of Manu'a, and American Samoa in general.

Much of the content(information and pictures) of these pages we created with the help of some very friendly people who kindly provided for my us. Please respect them and don't misuse their pictures. Contact the appropriate person for permission if you want to use any item of these pages. I referenced in here several web sites that I have no control over, but in my best judgement selected them for their relevancy. When I reviewed them for inclusion, I saw nothing objectionable with them.