Tales from the Crypt Presents:
Fat Tuesday
(aka Dead Easy) Here is the information that I have about this movie, which unfortunately isn't much.  The article does mention that the movie after Fat Tuesday would have been called Body Count (a brief synopsis of each of these movies is at the bottom of this page).  I wonder how Bordello of Blood got chosen over these other two?!
This is the magazine that I got the below article from.  It's a special Demon Knight edition of Gorezone magazine from 1995.
The next article I found on Ain't-It-Cool-News.com dated 3/4/99.  This article gives a RUMOR on why the movie will never see the light of day.
If this is true, it was a really ignorant crappy thing they did with the casting, but I still want to see it!!!!  Somewhere, someone has access to this movie, and I wish like crazy that they would put it up on the internet for us!  I'm not sure why I posted this info, I just thought it would be interesting for fans of the series to know about this movie that we'll never see.  Perhaps I just wanted to share the pain!!!  If you have any information on this movie or any future "Tales" films or projects, please email me using the Cryptkeeper mail icon on the home page! 
I found a brief synopsis of each of the unreleased movies on a site dedicated to Robert Zemeckis and his work.  They don't offer much information, but they do give us a peek at what might have been!
Tales from the Crypt presents: Fat Tuesday
The plot: Trying to start over after the death of his wife, a psychiatrist moves with his son to New Orleans.  But his dead father terrorizes them, drawing them into a bizarre voodoo ritual.
Tales from the Crypt presents: Body Count
The plot: While compiling clips for a documentary about violent crimes, a nephew discovers his uncle's dubious past.
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The following three pics are preliminary artwork done by Mike Vosberg for an unknown "Tales" project.  Knowing that the plot of Fat Tuesday concerned a man and his little boy, I believe that these would have been used as the opening comic book shot for Fat Tuesday.  I just want to emphasize that I do not know this for a fact, it is only my opinion.