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Magical Passes from Workshops

UCLA - binding and unbinding (a new variation on the Warrior’s Decision), water form (fluidity), digestion pass.
New York - the stalking aid
Anaheim - facing oncoming time, joining forces (Lujan’s pass), in an instant with a partner, mystery points and in an instant

Anaheim - the being from the Earth, unbending intent
Mexico City
Amsterdam - mapping the body, tracking energy, the earth flying being
Los Angeles - mapping the body in diagonal, erasing personal history, a coyote form

Anaheim - the dreaming form
Barcelona - the usted form, the wheel of time
Ontario - in an instant, Lujan’s long form, breaking the solidity of oneself, stalking the self
Hannover - erasing personal history, five point connection, the butterfly, mapping the body
Redondo Beach - gazing with ears

Santa Barbara - mapping the energy body, the amber tide, fundamentals, the fire form, the cloak of confidence
Berlin - running man

Pomona - the warrior’s stand, intending a new view, the tiger of intent, mystery form, the wheel of time: left body breathing form, stirring the energy of the left and the right body, gazing for the stirring the energy of the left and the right body, mixing the energy of the left and the right body, gazing fot the mixing the energy of the left and the right body, rippling energy of the left body, a warrior’s gesture of magical intent: affection for the earth
Boston - warrior’s stance, gazing and breathing affection for the Earth: one, stirring the energy of the left and right body, walking the steps in nature, gazing and breathing affection for the Earth: two, mixing energy from the left and the right body with the eyes, gazing and breathing affection for the Earth: three, defying gravity, mixing energy from the left and the right body, stirring and mixing energy from the left and the right body, the rippling energy of the left body, gazing and breathing affection for the Earth: four, a warrior’s gesture of magical intent, the view of abstract affection, intending a new view
Barcelona - legs rule vitality, gazing, the areas of mystery and sound, a new breath for the affection of the earth passes, the pass to cure disease, masculinity series in partners
San Diego - gazing, standing code, warrior’s decision, attacking the decision, relaxing warmups, basic movements, recapitulation running man, Olinda’s pass
Los Angeles - abstract crustation breathing form
Mexico City - the sequence, masculinity form in partners, the filler pass, tracing the map of the body, the code, dreaming pass, Olinda’s pass

Pomona - running man, unbending purpose, legs rule vitality, the sorcerer’s code
New York - the intent series walking form
Ontario - video long form 1, the being from the ground, the being from the sea, the winged being, the passes to relieve tension, the passes for the face, the recapitulation:  partners long form

Mexico City - video long form 2
Los Angeles - not doing passes, an intent series long form, a womb series long form, a five concerns series long form, a heat series long form, a masculinity series long form, the passes for the predilection of the right side
Phoenix - video long form 1, warmups, tension passes, elegant passes, preasure point passes, release passes, left and right pairs
Denver - video long form 2

Pasadena - a view from an energetic bridge

Mexico City - redeploying energy to the center of sustained action, crossing the central boundary of the body, bringing the energy from the sides and top to the liver and pancreas, the five-point connection, the ground being, the sky being, recalling dispersed energy with the feet and hands, luring concentration from the heels to the knees, hearing energy
Los Angeles - offering and receiving energy, two circles of energy, Silvio Manuel’s passes
Los Angeles - recalling dispersed energy with the feet and hands, luring concentration from the heels to the knees, hearing energy, the being from the sky, the being from the ground
Scottsdale - the male and female winged fighter
Los Angeles - the basic stance, the pigeon-toe walk, the butterfly in repose and flight, pushing the right body to the left and the left body to the right, realigning the left and the right body, the first movement of the male and female winged fighter, to wake up the antsy feeling, the death defier’s pass - pecking for a new position of the assemblage point, filling the gourd, the sorcere’s search
Omega Institute - warmups, pulling energy with feet - fluidity foot, the stellar hatch, the step of power, drawing the width of the energy circle, making a circle within a circle, axing energy, up and down blow of energy, amassing energy, a little house of energy, storing energy, an animal step, a pyramid of energy, a sorcerer’s breath, a seer’s window, a local application of energy, an elbow crank, slicing energy, mixing the left and right energy, twirling energy, pulling the horizon, aligning an energy body, a seesaw, a shield
Longmont - a shoulder movement warmup, an arm swing warmup, a hip thrust warmup, fludity foot version 1 and version 2, a heel toe, a sweep foot, gathering energy, an axing energy, a hit slap, turning energy up and down, a rip stir, building an energy body - house, storing energy, pawing ground, a last move of a day
Los Angeles - a walking pass, spider fingers, a sphinx breath, a belly breath, a right-to-left-lung breath


Magical Passes from Books

Carlos’s books - a gesture for death, not-doing pass

Taisha’s book - crystals, chewing and swaloving, horizontal line, energy center under the nose and under the chin, a sparkle of energy, the power breath, an impenetrable sheet, the inner ear, chinese spots, flowing water, a finger antennae, face passes, the powerful breath



Additional Materials

Six Explanatory propositions

Readers of Infinity - Journal of Applied Hermeneutics - No1, No2, No3, No4

Foreword to 30th anniversary edition of The Teachings Of Don Juan


Worshops Accounts

Anaheim Feb 15th, New York Apr 27th, Amsterdam Jun 13, UCLA Aug 22th

Anaheim Feb 2nd, Mexico City May 31th, Amsterdam Jun 14th, Los Angeles Aug 31th

Anaheim Feb 11th, Mexico City Apr 7th, Barcelona Jun 15th, St.Petersburg Jun 23th, Ontario Aug 31th, Cordoba Oct 6th, Hannover Nov 7th, Redondo Beach Dec 16th

Mexico City Apr 7th, New York Apr 15th, Barcelona Jun 9th, Santa Barbara Aug 21th, Mexico City Sep?, Berlin Nov 11th

Pomona Jan 30th, Boston Apr 24th, Portland May 8th, Barcelona Jun 10th, Buenos Aires Jun 12th, San Diego Sep 4th, Mexico City Oct 23th, Los Angeles Nov 6th, Los Angeles Dec 11th

Pomona Feb 7th, Santa Monica Apr 4th, Santa Monica May 2nd, Munich May 23th, Mountain View Jun 6th, New York Jun 13th, Ontario Jul 30th

Long Beach Feb 15th, Mexico City Apr 18th, Barcelona Jun 20th, Berlin Jun 27th, Seattle Jul 20th, Los Angeles Jul 23th, Phoenix Aug 9th, Denver Oct 4th, Omega Institute Oct 11th, Mexico City Dec 13th

Mexico City Jan 27th, Oakland Feb 9th, Los Angeles Mar 1st, Westwood Jul 20th, Los Angeles Sep 2nd, Pasadena Nov 29th

Santa Monica Feb 18th, Los Angeles Mar 14th, Maui Mar 24th, Longmont Apr 21th, Mexico City May 19th, Omega Institute May 31th, Los Angeles Aug 13th, Los Angeles Sep 26th, Culver City, Culver City




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