Somalis and Abyssinians


The Imzadi Boys
RW, GRC Imzadi's First Officer Chakotay******GRC Imzadi's Sidewinder
Photographer: © Carl J. Widmer


Monique Belton with GRC Imzadi's Dr Bashir and GRC, RW Imzadi's Tuvok of Tadofa
Photographer: © Carl J. Widmer

Life Coach and Clinical Psychologist, Monique Belton, Ph.D.

Huntington, Long Island, New York


Imzadi Cattery was established in 1992 when Clinical Psychologist, Monique Belton, Ph.D. obtained her first Somali. That little kitten grew up to be GC Zamfara's Fiya of Imzadi, Monique's first Grand Champion. The cattery name, Imzadi, is a term of endearment taken from the Star Trek Universe. Dr. Belton is also the president of the Somali International Cat Club.

Imzadi Cattery is a small, home based cattery specializing in Somali and Abyssinian cats. It is the home of RW, GC Imzadi's First Officer Chakotay, CFA's Best Somali 1995 and GC Imzadi's Sidewinder CFA's Best Somali Kitten 1995.

About Us features the cats of Imzadi Cattery, personality and physical descriptions of Somali and Abyssinian cats. In Photo Album you will find glamour shots of show cats and candids of happy pets. More About Somalis contains links to articles on the history of the Somali, a description of the Somali purrsonality, a description of Somali colors, a discussion on the question of shorthair Somalis versus Abyssinians and information on the health issues relating to Imzadi Somalis. Extended Family shows Imzadi cats in their new homes. Retired Cats is where you will find descriptions of retired breeders and show cats who are waiting to go to their new homes. Favorite Sites topics are far reaching. What's New features litters and show successes.


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