Everyone has heard bad stories about Internet relationships and meeting people you have chatted with. Well, I would like to share with you some GOOD Stories.

Stories of growing friendship and love.  I have been on-line for over 4 years now and in that time, I have talked to many.

Some I have talked to once or twice and that was that. With others I have shared a common experience or interest. This kept the conversation going and a personal connection developed and friendship ensued.

Some people may ask "HOW can you build a friendship with someone you have never met in person"? Well, the answer to this is not a simple one, but I know it is possible.

For example, I met two people from Amanda's Chat table
(Jacy and Dani II ) who lived less then 20 minutes from my former home in Ontario Canada. The three of us met, had lunch and went shopping and had some really great times.

Jacy still lives in Ontario, Dani now lives in Texas and
I now live in Indiana, but I will cherish their friendships always.

I have friends in places all over the world, and these are just a few: Sandi Back in Canada,
Cherri in Canada also,
Butterfly and Diogenes in Florida,
Mr. Ed in Utah,
Medic in Pennsylvania,
Nik29 in Washington State,
Sting in Canada,
Whitelace here in Indiana
and one very special person who shall remain nameless for now.

Here are a few of the more "romantic" stories I have to share........

A Story Sent to me By A Friend
An E-mail Sent to me By A Friend

More too be added at a later date check back for new stories.

In Memory of all the lives lost in 2001.

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