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Gandhian Dwarko Sundrani

Last updated January 2003

Dwarko-ji Portrait

Dwarko Sundrani is one of the last active direct disciples of Mahatma Gandhi. He has dedicated his entire life to working with the poorest of the poor in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India.
Bodh Gaya is the pilgrimage site of Buddhists from all around the world and the tree of Enlightenment is at the shrine pictured above (left).
At 80 years old, Dwarko is making this long journey to the US. This may be our only chance in the Bay Area to come face to face with such a wonderful being.

The schedule for his visit has now been finalized. Please click on the link below to see it. Some events are public and som
e are by invitation.

  Shrine Image

 Dwarko Sundrani has been leading a life of compassion, doing social work, running schools, steeped in Gandhian tradition and espousing Gandhian values. The network of 360 schools he has helped start has been visited by HH Dalai Lama, Rev. M.L King and Marlon Brando (who went there for famine relief work.)
After the Dalai Lama visited his Ashram, he is reported to have said "Dwarko-ji, I teach compassion; you are living it".

Some of the questions I have discussed with him during my recent trip to India include:
  • Does non-violence apply in the modern context?
  • Can we counter terrorism and globalization through nonviolence?
  • What are Gandhian values and how does it affect education?
  • Why do you say you are not involved in "charity"? [He talks about self-help and helping others find it]
  • What can those of us who have families and hold jobs do to help?
  • Why do you not engage in fund raising? Why do you not ask anyone for donations?
  • How do we think globally and act locally? Give us some examples from your experience.
  • What is spirituality? How does it enter your life as a social worker?
  • What is "spiritual force"? How do we develop it in ourselves? Why is that important for peace and nonviolence workers?
  • What is religion? What is its role in modern context?
  • What does it mean to live the values that Gandhi spoke of?
  • Explain what you mean by "education for life, education through life".
  • What is Peace? How do we work toward that?

The primary objective of his visit is to finalize plans for starting a Center for Nonviolence Research in Bodh Gaya.

CNVR is conceived of a place, located at a sacred spot, where nonviolence practitioners can develop their own spirituality and engage in nonviolence projects for community development. The Center aims for the convergence of Science, Spirituality and Mutual Trust which are envisioned as the three key drivers of this new century. See documents linked on this page.


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