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Welcome!!! :>

This home page is dedicated to the National Ladies Dragon Boat Team. Through this web site, you could learn more about dragonboating and our activities, and maybe you might want to consider taking up dragonboating as a sport!  

Here there are many pictures for the Singapore National Gals and Guys team. Each team has a coach who train the team to compete in major International races and Regional Games.

National Ladies Dragonboat Team 2002

The Ladies Team 2002 at China Tianjin International Dragon Boat Race. Hm... all Red and White! Doesn't that remind you of something back home.....? ;>

National Ladies Dragonboat Team 2002

The Ladies Team 2002 - A close up view of some of the pretty faces in the Team 2002.

National Ladies Dragonboat Team 2002

The Ladies Team 2002 - Group photo with our dear coach.

National Ladies Dragonboat Team 2002

Training session in the Gym at National Stadium.

This is us! At the Kallang Sea Sports Center!

The Ladies Team 2000 - It's easy to spot us at Kallang Sea Sports Center! We are always in Green! :>

In Singapore, we have two major events - The Singapore Regaratta (held somewhere in Oct-Nov period and The Singapore International June Race (held somewhere during the 1st week of June). Dragon Boat Racing has been getting more and more popular over these years as it is one of the few sports that can allow many people to participate at the same time. If you are interested to take up dragonboating as National Paddler, you can go to SDBA web site for more details.

Having fun together!

The Ladies Team in Penang 1997

There are a number of club teams in Singapore that you can join too. All that is ask from you is your commitment and dedication to the team as well as your willingness and determination to put in the effort to train up as a good paddler. Every team is looking for people who are well-disciplined, highly-motivated and with the right attitude of mind. No paddling experience is required prior to you joining a team. And If you do not have any sports background, they will usually train you up to be one of the best. One thing to take note is even if you have previous paddling experience or some basic fitness level it is only an advantage. However there is always room for improvement and there should never be an end to learning.

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Hop right in and take a tour! Cheers! :D

For those interested in joining the team, you can email Veron at sunbird1_ver@hotmail.com