welcome to the helpful links page.
please note that the following links are borrowed from other sources, as i know nothing.

first and foremost:

history on trolls and such in a26w:

what is this weird file extension?

general alt.2600.warez questions:

cd-burning questions:

ftp questions:


oscar 2001
serials 2k

looking for darkcynthy's weekly reposts?
here they are

looking for the SIN files, by Casta Spellonmi?
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how about a bit on all those confusing ports?

where do i find <insert name of your chosen program>?
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looking for F.O.S.I.?

odds are, your request will not be filled.  this is not because nobody likes you, or people are dicks in alt.2600.warez, but because most things are easy to find.  i have a full hd, and i have never made a request in a26w.  there are those who will fill your requests; however, you should not expect them to the next time.  these are random acts of kindness, like someone walking up to you and handing you the ($X.XX) that your software originally cost.  no, they didn't pay for it either, but they did do the work of finding it themself.

remember, all these links are just that: links.  not insults to your intelligence, nor assumptions of newbie-dom...  all can be taken, or none, as you wish.

don't like these links (or any of the FAQs in them)?
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