Calendar Tool

  • Calculate difference between two dates
  • Add or subtract time to a date
  • System tray icon displays date
  • Annual calendar
  • Prints a simple month calendar
  • Create a bitmap of a simple month calendar
  • User configurable colors and fonts on main window
  • Tooltip of tray icon displays week number
  • Copy dates to the clipboard with the click of the mouse
  • User-defined format available for clipboard entry
  • Convert the day of the year to a date ("Julian Day")
  • Exclude user-defined days for date difference function
  • Program can be hidden, leaving only the tray icon
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Download Calendar Tool (631 kb) Current Version - 2.4
- Bug fix: Status day of year did not update automatically overnight
- Bug fix: Application crashed when launched on February 29
- January week column display bug fixed (thanks to Rudi for pointing that out)
- User definable icons for tray display (sample icons included)
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16 February 2007 - I am no longer actively developing this program.

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