The TextPad is a plane text editor. It's useful to edit the xml files distributed in Odiseo and in other apps, like JExplorer. All this tools are swing applications, and then can be executed in others envioronments.

The Task Manager is a viewer of the processes that are running in Odiseo. The user can kill thoses processes from the task manager's graphical interface.

It's the typical clock running in the dock.

Memory Manager
This applets is a memory monitor that shows, graphicaly and in real time, the used memory.

The Odiseo's tools are Java programs that help us with the usual task, to configure and maintance the system, and, of course, to work with Odiseo.

The applets are Java Applets that Odiseo runs in the dock area. The user can configure this applets editing the dockapplets.xml configuration file (see odiseo/dock/bin/configuration folder).

Copyright (c) 1999 - 2004 Inigo Gonzalez