Trattamento dei disturbi funzionali della mano del pianista
Trainig in functional disease of pianist's hand

Anfossi M.*, Botta M.T.**, Broda G.**, Cane M.***, Pizzorno V. ****

Comunicazione al XXXIV Congresso Nazionale S.I.C.M., Spotorno 17-21 Settembre 1996

Key words: piano player's hand, functional desease, therapeutic management learning, muscle training, splint, work at piano, evaluation.


In this article it is described a study and evaluation experience about functional postural and overloaded diseases of piano player's hand, and their terapeutic management, that will be conduced according by an educational, psychological and rehabilitating process. A group of sixteen piano player (both students and concertists) having different hand deseases will be described in their therapeutic treking. Their work on the piano will be studued according to: their overall postural position: movements ot their upper limb and hand; technical features distinguishing some of theire musical performance. Therefore it will be set up a therapeutic treatment, organised in three fases in accordance whith the Chamagne's method: learning of right movements: muscle training and their remodel: work on the piano. At end, it will be explained an evaluation about reached goals.

*Pianista, Taggia, Imperia
**SRRF Ospedale San Paolo, 2a U.S.L., Savona
***Kapos Centro di Educazione e Counseling Psicosociale, Savona
****Centro Regionale di Chirurgia della Mano, Ospedale S. Paolo, Savona

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