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Site dedicated to Italian coniage


What is NumismaItalia?
Sincerrely i don’t know well what it is.
Everything has begun one year ago when i decided to devide my passion for the numismatic with other persons interested in this hobby, to exchange information and also to widen my collection with swaps.
In one year there have been more than 7.000 contacts and 20.000 pages have been seen, it is a good result for me, exceeding every my prediction.
In NumismaItalia you can find a brief presentation of myself, all the coins which i have got, divided by typology.
Yuo can also find a section dedicated to my double coins, periodically up dated for all collectors who want to make exchanges (last update to 17/09/2003).
In my collection there are some coins which i have not been able to catalogue, so ask help to other collectors they can tell me what they are.
And the end yuo can find a set of Links to other sites which i think they are interesting and useful.


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