Kn Mobile KN 400


Kn Mobile KN 400

Lunar lander redirects here. For the computer game see Lunar LanderThe LEM flight instrumentation panel and front windows. Credit: Alexandre Sabbatini

The Apollo Lunar Module was the lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft built for the US Apollo program to achieve the transit from moon orbit to the surface and back. The module was also known as the LM from the manufacturer designation (yet pronounced "LEM" from NASA's early name for it, Lunar Excursion Module). Cellulari Kn Mobile.

The module was designed to carry two crew in a 6. 65 mł space. The total module was 6. 4 m high and 4. KN 310. 3 m across, resting on four legs. It consisted of two stages—the descent stage module and the ascent stage. The total mass of the module was 15,264 kg with the majority of that (10,334 kg) in the descent stage.


The Apollo Lunar Module came into being because NASA chose to reach the moon via a lunar orbit rendezvous(LOR) instead of a direct ascent or Earth orbit rendezvous (EOR) (see Choosing a mission mode for more information on the available rendezvous types). 350. Both a direct ascent and an EOR would have involved the entire Apollo spacecraft landing on the moon; once the decision had been made to proceed using LOR, it became necessary to produce a separate craft capable of reaching the lunar surface.

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