Palmare Palmone Visor Deluxe


Palmare Palmone Visor Deluxe

This article is about the company. The handspring is also a gymnastics move. Handspring logo

Handspring was a maker of Personal Digital Assistants using the Palm OS operating system. The original inventors of the Palm Pilot and founders of Palm Computing were Jeff Hawkins, Donna Dubinsky, and Ed Colligan. Palm Computing later became a division of US Robotics, which was then bought by 3Com. When the founders became unhappy at the direction in which 3Com was taking the company, they left and founded Handspring in June 1998. Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Edge, Visor Neo, Visor Platinum, Visor Prism, Visor Pro. In 2003, Handspring merged with Palm, Inc. 's hardware division to form palmOne. The Treo 600 was the last product to use the Handspring name.

Handspring Visor

The company launched the Handspring Visor line of products on September 14, 1999 which, unlike most products produced by Palm at the time, used USB to synchronize with the desktop computer and included an expansion port. The USB support made these the first Palm devices to work with the Macintosh operating system out of the box. More liberal than the Palm Pilot, the Visor line featured vibrantly colored handhelds focused more towards average people. **PalmOne and HandSpring** Handspring Treo 90, 180, 270, 300, 600 Handspring Visor Handspring Visor Deluxe.

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