Nokia 7380


Nokia 7380

The following is a partial list of products branded by Nokia.

Mobile phones

(Phones in boldface indicates that the phone is a Symbian OS powered smartphone)

Classic Series (The Mobira series)

Original Series

Ultrabasic Series (1xxx Series)

These are basic phones, targeted toward underdeveloped countries and people who are on a tight budget.

Basic Series (2xxx Series)

The 2110 is the phone that made Nokia a well known mobile phone manufacturer. Unlike current models, 2110 was built for several years. Over the years there came small improvement like the 2110i, but the basic model remained the same for several years and was well received by the public. Recently Nokia 2110 has regained popularity as a retro statement. P@ssioneMobile.

Expression Series (3xxx Series)

Active Series (5xxx Series)

The 5210 features rubber Xpress-On shells, WAP over CSD and a built in thermometer. The thermometer is actually the internal temperature of the phone's battery, this feature is also present on other phones that have "netmonitor" enabled. The 5210 is nicknamed a "builder's phone" because of its rubber splash/impact proof casing. Its successor is the 5100.

The 5510 was Nokia's first phone with a built in MP3 player and it had a 64 megabyte memory for storing MP3s.

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