Palmare Palmone Treo 90


Palmare Palmone Treo 90

Palm, Inc. logo, 2005

Palm, Inc. is a personal digital assistant manufacturer headquartered in Sunnyvale, California that is responsible for popular products such as the Zire, Tungsten PDAs, Treo smartphones and the LifeDrive. Previous product lines include the Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm V and Palm VII. While most of their devices run Palm OS, a recent edition of the Treo runs Windows Mobile. Palmare palmone treo 600 Palmare palmone treo 600 Palmare palmone treo.


Palm, Inc. Logo During The 3Com Ownership 1996-1999

Palm Computing, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Jeff Hawkins, Donna Dubinsky, and Ed Colligan, later co-inventors of the Palm Pilot. The company was started to create a PDA for consumers, called the Zoomer. The devices were manufactured by Casio and marketed by Tandy, while Palm provided the PIM software. Cerca tutte le offerte su Kelkoo. The Zoomer failed commercially, but Palm managed to survive through selling synchronization software for HP devices, and the Graffiti handwriting recognition software for the Apple Newton MessagePad.

Palm, Inc. logo, 2003

The company was acquired by U. S. Robotics Corp. The Treo 90 is the first Handspring model ever to use Palm OS 41. in 1995. In June 1997, Palm became a subsidiary of 3Com when U. S. Robotics was acquired by 3Com. In June 1998 the founders became unhappy at the direction in which 3Com was taking the company, they left and founded Handspring. Modello: Treo 90.

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