So far during my life I am a 12 year old brown haired sporty kid. I play the piano, play soccer, and have a family of 5 with 2 Hermit Crabs and 1 Dog named Trixie. The reason that I my dog is funny is  because one time we were playing and I threw it, she ran and hit the wall and sort of just fell down on her belly, I think that I knocked her out. And other thing she did was I threw a treat under a leg of a chair and she went after it and then she whacked her head on the tip of the leg. I am having a pretty good year in school but I could get better in my studies. I am struggling so I need to get my grades up. I have a lot of friends and they are fun to be with.





In My Links you will find my links that I like and that I had to put on.
In MY Work I will show you some of the work I have done and not done.
I have been playing soccer for 8 years and I am very good at it. right now I and in an All Star Training Academy. If I make the team I will be able to go to Edmonton for the Rocky Mountain Cup. I tried out and I never made the team but I don't care because I still have the skill that I got from the coach and the team's skills. Since when I was 5 years old I've been playing piano. Right now I am in the grade 3 level which is very hard. Since I am in the 3rd grade if I want to keep on  going to graduate I would have 9 more years of piano to go.
One of my favorite series of movies is the Meet the Parents and the 2nd movie that just came out. I couldn't say the name of the second movie because it is too close to a bad word. I have been edited. DANG!!! Another awesome movie that I have seen is Napoleon Dynamite, it is the best movie that has been out for a long time. even though it has no point it is the funniest. Recently I have saw the new Star Wars movie and it was the best movie that I have seen. It was action packed.R2-D2 is like a warrior but in the later movies he is a scardy-cat.