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Third Trimester

Weeks 25-28
Week 25:  Mar 26-Apr 1
Happy Easter!!  We had a very busy week!  Family came to visit us, and Josh had his one year doctor's appointment.  I find that I am really starting to get tired, and sore.  I forget that I am pregnant and end up lifting too much (one of the kids) or running around too quickly, and wind up hurting myself.  Oliver and I were just discussing how different this pregnancy is.  We haven't had a chance to sit back and absorb what is happening.  I hope that we will be able to settle into the new house quickly!  I am really itching to start the nursery.:)

What's Happening?  Baby measures about 22cm crown to rump (30 cm or 11 3/4" head to toe!).  Fingernails are now present! 
25w belly picture!!
Week 26:  Apr 2-8
This has been a great week!  I have been busy studying for my final exams, and we found out that we are having a baby BOY!!! I begged my OB to do a quick u/s at my appt today, and she finally gave in!!  Our baby looks beautiful!  He was not afraid to show us that he was a boy!  LOL!  We could see his little package from all angles.:)  I was so happy to finally find out that we are having a boy that I was crying when I got to the parking lot!
I am planning on suprising Oliver when he gets home tonight by putting a pair of blue booties that I bought today at the top of the stairs so he can see them when he walks in!  I am just bursting to tell him that little Gabriel Aleksander is joining our family!!!
Drs appt update:  Everything is measuring perfectly.  I start my 2 week appts from now on.:)  I also told her that we are moving in a few weeks.
Weight: 136 1/2 lbs
BP:  145/85 (getting higher)
Heart rate: 155 BPM
Fundal Height:  26cm
Tests: Ultrasound today!  Wonderful, it was so clear.  Gabriel looked like a little angel.:) 
Booked GTT for next week.

What's Happening?  Baby measures 23cm crown to rump, and weighs about 1lb 12oz!!  Lungs are manufacturing surfactant, a substance that keeps lung tissue from sticking to itself.
Week 27:  Apr 9-15 I can't believe it, this pregnancy finally feels real.  I think that having another u/s and seeing little Gabriel made me realize that he is going to be arriving strong and healthy.  I don't know why it takes me so long to believe that there is nothing wrong with the pregnancy, I guess I just know first hand what can happen, and that it CAN happen to me.  I am just so happy that both of us are doing well.  I am also thrilled that I can start to call this baby by name, I am really feeling a connection to him already.:) 
I am a little disappointed to hear people's comments about us having another boy.  It is almost like they feel sorry for us b/c we didn't get a girl.  I find most of my conversations lately are explaining to them that it REALLY doesn't matter to us.  We were content with our 2 boys, and when this one suprised us, it was just an added bonus.  Oh well, I guess you can't please everyone.:)
I had my GTT yesterday (testing for gestational diabetes), and that went very well.  The results will be back in by my OB appt next week. 
My final exams are quickly approaching, and I have been very busy trying to squeeze in study time whenever possible.  I can't wait until they are over (although I still have 4 more courses that I am doing through independent study to finish by Aug 31st YIKES!).

What's Happening?  Baby measures between 12 and 15" head to toe, and weighs 2.5 to 3lbs!!  WOW, Gabriel is getting big!!  Baby's eyes can open and close, and he can see light!
Week 28: Apr 16-22 Moving Week / Final Exams!!!
I don't really have a lot of time to post an update.  I am desperately trying to cram before my first exam tonight.  There is just so much going on that I am having a hard time absorbing the material! 
I found out this week that I failed my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), and had to have the 2h test yesterday.  I hope yesterday's test shows that my glucose levels are back to normal!  I also found an OB/GYN in our new city!  It took some effort to find someone accepting new patients, but I got lucky!
Our computer will be torn down tonight, so this will be the last update until we are moved into our new house on the 26th! 
Drs Appt Update: (April 18)
My last appt with this OB!  Everything is going well with the pg,:)
Weight: 139lbs
BP:  120/73 (much better!!!)
Heart rate: 143 BPM
Fundal Height: 27cm
Tests: Repeat GTT yesterday, get results back on Friday.
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