So long ago it was perfect-
My entire life was right.
I knew what I wanted,
And I fought for us with all my might.
My heart broke the day you left,
And everyday I didn't hear from you,
That knife dug just a little deeper
Until there was nothing I could do.
I told you I didn't love you,
And then I said goodbye,
But it killed me to say those words
Because they were nothing but lies.
I never wanted us to end-
You were everything to me,
But you broke my heart so badly
Another option I couldn't see.
If you loved me you would have stayed,
I reminded myself all the time,
But you did love me and I didn't know-
How could I have been so blind?
I threw away the one thing in life
That I always knew to be true,
All because of childish fears
Of suddenly losing you.
I thought if I protected my heart
I could just let you go,
And if you loved me you'd come back,
But you never showed.
The wall I built was too thick,
And I pushed you away too far.
I dug my own grave and now in it I lie,
Forever wondering where you are.
I've tried to start over-
New men have come and gone,
But it never works out,
And I've known why all along.
My heart will always be yours,
And if you ever want it you know where I am.
Everything I do, I do for you
Hoping someday we will meet again.

JLG   9/18/2004
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