"Writing is my passion—the feeling I receive after
frantically jotting down an idea and then shaping that
idea into an actual story for others to enjoy is indescribable."
—Jennifer Gatewood

Short Bio:

Jennifer Gatewood is a twenty-something writer living outside of Philadelphia, PA. Jen attended Temple University, earned her degree in journalism, and became part of America’s work force shortly after. She currently writes for a trade publication, but hasn’t lost sight of her lifelong goal of becoming a novelist.

Jen wrote her first short story in the summer of 2001. Her first novel is completed and as she edits it, she also writes short stories and flash fiction. To date she has about two dozen short stories and flash fiction pieces. She knows some are good and will likely become published someday, and some are bad and should be deleted immediately.

She would like to publish her first novel (a Pulitzer?) by age thirty, but being on the latter side of age twenty-five, has become realistic about this goal and is rethinking pushing back this publishing date to age thirty-five.

Jen is always looking to connect with other writers and publishers, feel free to say "hello" and e-mail her at:


The Writers Room Magazine (Online) January 2004
Lying in Wait (Winner of Editor's Choice Award--Flash)

Outsider Ink (Online) Winter 2004
In Control

The Muse Apprentice Guild (Online) Summer 2004
Subway Stories (Flash)

Rose & Thorn Literary E-zine (Online) Spring 2003
Rice Pudding

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (Print) Spring 2003
My Rule

The-Phone-Book.com (Online) Winter 2003
The Five Senses

The Writer’s Room Magazine (Online) August-November 2002
Waiting For Midnight
First Time (Flash)

December 2003
January 2004

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