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Although it took me along time, alot of hard work and immutable devotion... It was completely worth my time to make a true Joseph, fan page. With all of his talent, he deserves to be recognized as well as to have descent pages about him. Throughout all of the pages that I have visited, upon which there weren't too many to begin with. Out of the bunch of them; There was one excellent one, and one "okay" one. So I hope to make this site another Excellent one for all of you "Joseph Cross fans" out there. After you are done looking over my website, if your interested in seeing or want to see another amazing site...
I recomend you check out my friend Andrew's site. He is what I personally like to call a "true fan". His site acknowledges Joe's talent as well as gives him the recognition and respect that he much deserves. It's amazing!
It's called the "Joseph Cross Connection". You'll really enjoy his page! :)

I welcome and really appreciate your thoughts and comments. Feel free Email me with any questions you might have. Please refrain from inquiring about personal information regarding Joseph. Although, if you have feedback on what you enjoyed, disliked, or if you have any thought's of improvment... Thanks,

Well I hope you really enjoy my website devoted to the prestigious Joe Cross

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Movie Clip for: Pilot
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Joe is starring in a NEW tv show called "The O'keefes" (click here)
Harry and Ellie O'Keefe are loving but eccentric parents who've home schooled their three children to protect them from the loud and libidinal world.

Despite a ban on all things pop culture, teenagers Danny and Lauren and their younger brother Mark are growing increasingly curious about what lies beyond the walls of their school/dining room. They can speak six languages, but are unable to converse with kids their own age. The answer lies in their father's worst nightmare - public school.

'The O'Keefes' is now playing on the WB at 8:30pm on Thursday nights!!

I will soon have my own Okeefes page up with pictures, video clips, and episode list's with descriptions. Be sure to check back here soon.


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Movie Clip for: Snow Blind

  Joe is now 17!!! Happy J-Day!! :)

- "Hereafter" -Smallville
February 04, 2004 8:00pm. on the WB.
Joseph guest starred as Jordan Cross,
a mysterious character who has visions
into the future.

- Jurassic Park 4: Extinction ???
There is word going around that Joe has
landed himself a wickid role in this future
film...Lets all hope for the best. Go JOE!

The O'keefe's are gone after 5 episodes...
If anyone has access to the rest of these,
please contact me. I'd be eternally greatful.









As a violent snowstorm blankets the city, Officer Yokas (Molly Price)
worries that her teenaged daughter (guest star Bonnie Dennison) might
be courting boy trouble when she begins spending more time with her
older boyfriend (guest star Joseph Cross) -- a concern that proves pro-
phetic when the young lovers are trapped in a snowdrift after using a
dangerous drug.

Meanwhile, a shorthanded Doc (Michael Beach) risks his career when
he takes pity on paramedic Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) -- still under
suspension for a patient's molestation charge -- and puts him back on the
street. In addition, Davis (Coby Bell) detects a new tilt in his partner Sully's
self-destructive attitude. Jason Wiles, Eddie Cibrian, Kim Raver, Amy Carlson
and Chris Bauer also star.

Season 4 Episode 75: SNOW BLIND 9/8pm 01/27/03

Officer Bosco (Jason Wiles) and sergeant Cruz (Tia Texada) arrest Noble,
A famous author/journalist -- for buying illegal drugs, but when he suggests
cutting a deal by using his contacts to set up another buy with a much more
notorious dealer, the two cops can't resist.

Meanwhile, an enraptured Kim (Kim Raver) is walking on air all day after
celebrated but shady writer asks her to meet him at a shanky social meeting
that night, while a frustrated Officer Yokas (Molly Price) can't seem to keep
her wayward daughter (Bonnie Dnnison) from her older, more dangerous
boyfriend (guest star Joseph Cross).

Season 4 Episode 86: IN CONFIDENCE 9/8pm 04/14/03












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