SEASON 2000-2001

Awaiting information from our Goa Correspondent....

After the relatively mad millennium party season, the 2001 season was quiet. With the exception of the full moons, Christmas and New Year, there were no official (baksheesh-paid) parties until the middle of March. Then they started in earnest with events every two days or so, usually lasting 24 hours.

This year the focus changed from the Shore Bar / Primrose to Ramdas' Nine Bar on the cliffs above Little Vagator (Spaghetti) Beach. Most party-goers met at the Nine Bar for the sunset and stayed till it closed at 10.00pm. The rumours of a party would be circulated there or at Munchies (a 24hour restaurant and bar - 100 metres from Starco on the road to Vagator). Though the Shore Bar remained a favourite, it was nontheless often empty and the Primrose only filled up after the Nine Bar closed at 10.00pm.
There was comparatively little police activity, though one party at the Shore Bar was closed down at 11.00pm after a raid, only to restart at 3.00am.
Towards the end of the season many parties were held under the Banyan Trees beside the minibus parking site on the cliffs above Little Vagator. This probably became popular due to its closeness to the Nine Bar. There was an increase in parties run by individual bars sometimes on their own premises or at designated party spots such as Disco Valley at Middle Vagator.