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It Takes Two
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

I Will Survive
Gloria Gaynor

(Clam Only!)

Freaks of the Industry
Digital Underground

Baby Got Back
Sir Mix-A-Lot

Back That Thang Up

Brick House

Get Off

Rappers Delight
Sugarhill Gang

Peter Piper

Richie Rich

Rhthym Trax Houseparty Style
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince

Invasion of the Octopus People
Invisbl Skratch Piklz

Ice T

Throw The D

2 Live Crew

Play That Beat Mr DJ

Whizkid & GLOBE

Terminator X on the Edge of Panic
Public Enemy

Magic Mike Cuts the Record

DJ Magic Mike

Dark Vader
Instant Funk

Gino Soccio

Ma Baker
Boney M

Incredible Bongo Band

Do You Wanna Funk


Spanish Boogie
Van McCoy

Rocket In The Pocket

Which Way Is Up?

I have been DJing for almost 10 years.  I fell in love with it in grade school in the middle of the first breakdancing wave, and even have memories of scratching 45s on my Mom's old turntable.  I evolved into making "pause tapes" on my stereo, snipping together short elements of songs to make my own mix in junior high and high school, and tearing up the turntable on top learning to scratch.  Finally when I got enough money, my freshman year of college I bought my first set and taught myself everything I know today by watching and imitating DJs on MTV and in movies.  I have always loved music, but never had a drop of musical talent on conventional instruments, so I found my outlet in rearranging other peoples music into your own creation.  Hip Hop will always be my first love, and I have a special place in my heart for 70s Disco/Funk, but I can honesty say I love all types of music.  At first all I wanted to do was to scratch and be the DJ for rap group, but now this obsession has grown into the entire DJ experience.
Barnz and Dandy spinning in The old Clam disco room as the Village People look on
Barnz manning the 4 Wheels of Steel
Keith, the Master of Lights
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The CD and Tape closet.
The Record crates.  Everything from Hip-Hop to Disco to 80's to Soundtracks to Dance music to Reggae.  All in All, almost 2000 strong with tapes, records and CDs.
3 Stacks of high society.