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The Barnz, known for his quick wit, boyishly cute looks, and laid back demeanor is a striking presence.  Whether it's taking center stage as the comedian or silently surveying the surroundings, the goose always is in control.  Hanging with his crew is what he loves most, but even then his eye is out for that perfect honey.  The Barnz gets his by DJing, playing basketball and hockey, playing video games, watching movies, surfing the net, ping-pong, dancing, and having a good time at whatever he sets his mind to.  The Barnz loves the Lord with all his heart and will always have Christ as the center of his life.  Barnz loves to meet people, live and electronically, so jump in and see what the Barnz is all about.
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Midgets.  Dunkin Donuts.  Sunsets.  Wakeboarding.  Laughter.  Smiles from pretty girls.  Family.  Cigars and good friends.  Dunks.  Faith.  Forgiveness.  Kids.  Snow Skiing.  The smell of food baking.  The color Green.  Pinball.  Kung Fu Movies.  Movie Quotes.  Chocolate.  Soft Drinks.  Surprises.  El Caminos.  The right song at the right time.  Breakdancing.  80's music.  Fart noises.  Memories.  Meeting cool people.  The promise of whats to come.
"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
                      -- Barnz
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