Barnz's Pics 2
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Barnz having a beverage in a small hat
Barnz and Kelsey at Camp
Barnz doing his "Superfly" off the roof on the trampoline
Barnz and his long lost brother Rhett at Camp
The Disco Duo ready to fight crime
Barnz on Halloween as IT.  Most people just came up, stared and asked "What are you supposed to be?"  I didn't have an answer.
Barnz the Cartoon by Crazy Dan
Dandy as Cochese on Halloween
Cochese and Yuri  discussing politics
My sister Cathy on Chrstmas Eve
The Pounders relive the 80's.
My Mom and Dad early on Christmas
Barnz ad Dandy posing for their album cover
Steven, Britney, and Brady at the Super Bowl
Hype my fly ride a silver 2001 Ford Mustang.  Yes, it does have a system.